Keepler Data Tech, an advanced data analytics company in the cloud, reinforces its commitment to Generative AI-based solutions by appointing Ramiro Manso, Data Lead of the company, as head of Generative AI technologies

Among the objectives of this role, within the Data area, is to guide the company’s strategy around Generative AI, lead technical training and promote these technologies to customers. Ramiro Manso is one of the leaders of the Data area in the company since its inception, and is a reference in the data science sector. 

“Generative AI is an evolution of artificial intelligence that presents us with enormous possibilities. It has broken through limitations such as the lack of data to train models, and is significantly accelerating developments,” comments Ramiro Manso. “At Keepler we see this technology as a third disruption in the recent AI space; like the momentum machine learning took around 2010, or the impact on (mainly) computer vision and nlp around 2016 with deep learning. It’s a big change with respect to the barrier to entry to use it and its potential impact in multiple areas and means a transformation to how we have been doing things in many scenarios. It is important for us to be ahead of the curve and be prepared to understand this new reality and help our customers take advantage of it,” he adds. 

Keepler sees this technology as a key enabler for the coming years, on par with the disruption that public cloud computing already caused in the market just 20 years ago. Generative AI will impact numerous cases and needs of companies: text generation, entity extraction, search, image, audio and video generation, code generation, classification…

“We are already seeing it. Generative AI has caused in just a few months an impact as fast as we had never seen before, not even applications as well known for their rapid scaling as Instagram or Spotify, reached this level. ChatGPT in just 5 days reached one million users,” says Juanma Aramburu, CEO of Keepler. “But it’s not just the rapid adoption, we are seeing the clear impact it is causing, from a constant generation of uses and applications, to its impact on productivity. Generative AI is changing the way we operate with data,” he adds. 

Among the measures to consolidate its leadership position in this area, in addition to the appointment of Manso to keep the company at the forefront, Keepler is making a strong internal commitment to the training of its professionals. To this end, it is working on the creation of a new skill within its salary formula, which will give salary recognition to professionals who contribute this value to the company, through knowledge and experience. 

“In the coming months, internal training for our team will be very important. We have been experimenting, testing and even implementing in customers since the beginning of 2023; but in the face of increased demand we have to increase our response capacity, so we are focusing on generating incentives and motivators that will allow us to grow in these capabilities,” says the new head of Generative AI. 

Keepler has been developing Generative AI projects for its customers for some time thanks to generative technologies such as Transformers, GANs and Variational Autoencoders. These include the implementation in e-commerce recommendation systems to increase the click-through rate and help in the navigation through thousands of products or the generation of synthetic images to train models in the absence of sufficient original images. Keepler’s focus on public cloud has allowed it to start implementing solutions on the Generative AI services of hyperscalers, such as new functionalities in its chatbot based on GPT-3 that allows generating summaries and contextual information from large sources of corporate information, something that has great potential in large organizations.

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