Trends that are changing the banking landscape

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Data Integrity and Analytics

Although the data is abundant, it also has to be easily accessible, clean and integrated enough.

Digital and emerging technologies

New technologies are dramatically changing the banking market at all levels. AI and automation bring value that has never been possible before.

Embracing and becoming digital

In banking, “digital transformation” is not just a word, but a critical imperative. Many banks are experimenting, but few are taking consistent steps. Technology will be the driver of growth and customer experience.

Enterprise Agility

Today’s competitive advantage comes not from being big, but fast and agile. Banks must embrace change and harness the power of digital forces to innovate in smaller and bolder cycles.

Leveraging platforms and monetizing data

Banking is looking for ways to improve the customer experience, and this is becoming increasingly difficult. Data is power. Banks will have to decide how they want to use the platforms, and the data behind them, to grow.

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“Those institutions that are able to establish an early lead in using AI as a competitive differentiator will be rewarded by virtuous feedback cycles that compound their advantages and leave second movers struggling to catch up”

Digital ecosystems have transformed the way consumers discover, evaluate, and purchase goods and services.

We can accompany you through the most important challenges in order to adapt and make strategic and operational decisions for the long term.

Leveraging the shift to a digital economy

Embracing a digitally connected global economy, banks operate in virtual and physical realms seamlessly. New providers in the market with technology-based services are forcing banks to find ways to remain relevant to their customers.

Rethinking priorities and new operating models

With interest rates exceptionally low, banks will have to find ways to cut costs while boosting growth: “smart cuts”. The keys? Technology based on increased automation, artificial intelligence, shared services, managed services and outsourcing.

A new manual for risk management

Covid-19 has taught us one thing: almost anything can happen. Banks must re-evaluate their resilience to risk (operational, liquidity, capital, market and credit) to model for the next unforeseen event. With the rise of AI and digital technologies, new processes and protocols must be put in place to accompany them.

AI and Cloud-based solutions for the banking sector

Think about the KPI you need to improve, and let a data product team do the rest

Customer Fingerprinting

Solution based on analytical services, databases, processing and reports to generate a unique customer identification. Improved campaign optimization and service personalization.

Recommendation and next best action systems

Personalization of commercial management and anticipation of possible customer needs.

Customer segmentation

Discovery of high and low value segments, applying clustering techniques, decision trees, logistic regression… Improves the allocation of marketing resources, impacting loyalty and retention.

Customer Life Cycle Value

Data science techniques on variables such as acquisition and attrition, product usage, volume, profitability, customer characteristics… allows for customer relationship prediction. Improves the profitability of customer relationships.

Fraud Identification

Identification of potential fraud using ML on hundreds of internal and external variables and unstructured data. Increased accuracy by more than 75%.

Efficiency analysis

End-to-end assessment process, from data management to dashboards, allowing to understand and compare the efficiency of investments. Improved decision making. 

Payment delay prediction

ML models analyze customer history and recent movements identifying similar patterns in other customers that have led to late payments. Improves predictability and actionability.

Risk indication for POS customers

Transactional information from the merchant together with public data allows to assess a credit operation.

Automatic and intelligent extraction

Automatic and intelligent extraction of invoice entities from unstructured data, in multiple languages and generating automated actions. 90% improvement in accuracy.

AI for customer legal certainty and data-driven decision making

Automated extraction of digitized contract data to be exploited by AI tools to increase customer legal certainty and foster data-driven decision making.

Analysis Platform

Provides the organization’s analysts with ML automated environments, access control and information security. It provides numerous savings in licenses, reduction of production start-up and scalability of ML models.

Data lake

Holistic view of the main KPIs (+300) designing workflows from internal and external sources, as well as self-analysis dashboards. Process improvement and indicator calculations.


From Cloudera to a new data exploration platform, for use by +200 data scientists in the organization, using cloud-native services and fully automated. Considerable savings in licensing and infrastructure costs.

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- Global Head of Data Engineering & Tech Architecture, Banking Company -
Big Data

Bank Operations Data Lake and Dashboarding

The digital bank wanted to have an holistic view of the main processes including digital enrollment and the life-cycle of the main products, as mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc. The information is disperse and operational KPIs are not defined.

Big Data

Global Architecture Definition and Deployment

The goal is to contribute and lead the definition of the LakeHouse and Streaming Data Architectures, which will allow all teams working for the Bank to build and deploy data architectures on a federated and globally approved basis for all countries that need to deploy their systems in the public cloud.

Big Data

Automation of Streaming Event Flow

The client’s main objective was to automate the ingestion, preparation and availability of data in their streaming event stream in NRT and integrate it with their information systems (Salesforce Marketing Cloud) in order to optimize their sales funnel.

Thinking about the future?

These are the goals for your business

Humanizing the banking experience in digital channels, focusing on younger generations for gaining loyalty.

Giving customers access to data, financial tools and advice, as well as integrated financial options that are personalized and actionable.

Cloud at the heart of the business, where all technologies will converge and where many enterprise products and services will be reimagined and built to future-proof the organization. 

Deploying AI at scale, not only investing in cutting-edge technologies but also in human capabilities, embedding AI into business processes.

Developing a true data culture in companies that allows data to be the fuel for advanced predictive analytics.

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