Trends that are changing the Travel & Tourism landscape

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Forward-thinking companies are investing in machine learning, new human-machine interfaces and other cutting-edge technologies to automate and streamline many actions, improving their reservation systems, drawing conclusions about business performance or trends associated with customer satisfaction, and even manage inventories intelligently, as well as saving time, money and human resources.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT involves internet-based interconnectivity between everyday devices that send and receive data to and from each other. Providing guests with a device that connects to everything to give them more control (light, temperature…), obtaining location information to send personalised tips, driving automated and smart energy savings, optimising staffing or making maintenance easier are just a few of the many advantages.

Sustainable Tourism

In a world increasingly aware of the climate emergency, promoting sustainable tourism practices and environmental initiatives is of utmost importance for the resilience of the sector. More and more travellers are adopting this mindset and therefore making their travel decisions withit in mind. Technological innovations provide these companies with the opportunity to incorporate sustainable practices that positively impact the environment, cultures, economies and people of the destinations customers visit.

Recognition Technology

Recognition technologies are of particular interest for their potential to take the friction out of shopping and make interactions more seamless. From fingerprint recognition, facial recognition or retina scanning to other biometric identifiers, to facilitate room access or to enable semi-contactless check-outs.

Highly personalized travel experiences

Deliver customer-focused services, personalising the shopping experience based on their behaviour, personal preferences and past choices, thereby standing out from competitors and recovering profitability more quickly.

How does the post-covid tourist look like?

Tourism has been one of the sectors most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic: Hotels, airlines, travel agencies or restaurants had to stop their activity almost completely for a long period and only now tourism activity is slowly recovering. However, the pandemic has also accelerated the transition towards more sustainable, inclusive and resilient tourism models, as well as new forms of interaction with “”the new post-Covid tourist””. Almost all of the key factors in this transition involve digitalisation.

More digital

Online searches and bookings to travel and to enjoy experiences


Tends to short trips and out of high season

Plans for the short term

Books less than a month or a month and a half in advance


Chooses destinations related to a more relaxed environment, avoiding crowds


Considers taking out cancellation or modification insurance


Expects personalized and related services and, still in many cases, avoids contact with other people

Data-driven solutions for Travel & Tourism

Don’t get left behind, let us help you implement and boost each of them

5 ways in which data can help tourism

Big data is an ideal source of information to accurately understand different parameters of the tourism sector: visits, places of origin, length of stay, trips, places to stay overnight, tourist points of interest, average expenditure… With the appropiate analysis of macro data and the combination with artificial intelligence, it is possible to extract relevant information from the data and provide a lot of value for the business.

Strategic marketing

Big data helps to adopt a more strategic approach, identifying trends among customers, similarities, understanding the customer lifecycle…

Customer Experience

Customer interactions can range from conversations, social media, reviews… Used effectively, they allow you to improve service and make better decisions.

Market research

Collect and analyze information from competitors to get a clearer picture of what they have to offer.

Reputation management

Social media data, reviews, experiences… combined with internally acquired feedback can be used to detect strengths and weaknesses.

Revenue management

  • Sell the right product
  • To the right customer
  • At the right time
  • At the right price
  • Through the right channel

Customer Footprint

  • Customer data management / segmentation
  • Unique Digital Customer ID360
  • Customer lifecycle prediction
  • User experience improvement recommendations

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Customer Footprint – Unique Identification of Customers on Different Channels

The customer wants to have an entity that serves as a reference to trace and univocally identify the customer digitally through the different communication channels. For this purpose, different data sources with different typology have to be processed; structured and unstructured, online and offline, batch and streaming…

Big Data

Reservations Forecasting

The client needed to migrate to the cloud the model for predicting the number of reservations in its hotels, seeking to minimize the operating and capital costs of the model that was being executed on-premise.

Big Data

Data Management and BI Centralized Cloud Platform

As the amount of Excel files grow, the effort to manage them and to keep track of them is very relevant, and the mistakes and problems finding data multiplies.

Thinking about the future?

These are the goals for your business

Increase customer satisfaction by offering personalised experiences through artificial intelligence.

Innovate and develop new and creative business models, foresee potential changes in the industry and plan for a greater resilience in the future.

Incorporate sustainable practices that have a positive impact on the environment, cultures, economies and people of the destinations customers visit.

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