Empowering Sustainability through Technology: Advanced Analytics and Insights for Businesses

The urgency to address environmental challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, pollution, and biodiversity loss has made sustainability an imperative. In this context, technology is an essential tool to mitigate these challenges and transition towards a more sustainable future.

We can help your business by providing advanced analytics and insights, enabling you to achieve your sustainability goals while also reducing unnecessary consumption and related costs.

Leaders struggle with short-term obstacles that impede future impact

(According to Deloitte)


Difficulty measuring environmental impact


Insufficient supply of sustainable or low-emissions inputs


Too costly


Focus on near-term business issues / demands / from investors / shareholders


Magnitude of change needed is too large

Public Cloud drives sustainability

The cloud provides tools for energy monitoring and optimization, which can help companies reduce their environmental footprint and achieve carbon neutrality while also realizing cost savings.

Sustainability calculator

Multiple tools to measure the impact and reduce the carbon footprint of infrastructure.

AI and Analytics

Optimizing inputs and leveraging analytics to identify efficiencies across the value chain.

Cost management (FinOps)

Integrate sustainability into cloud cost management processes to control costs without impacting sustainability goals.

Ecosystem innovation

Leveraging innovation to accelerate Time to Market and facilitate integration into sustainable digital ecosystems.

New IT operating models

Product-driven models can help reduce carbon footprint by leveraging automation and code optimization in DevOps and AIOps.

We guide organizations to a modern Data Strategy that drives Business Value and Sustainability Impact

Through our data-driven approach, we help businesses accelerate their sustainability efforts by providing relevant and actionable insights into environmental impacts, optimizing resource use, and reducing waste. By building business use cases, which we call Data Products, we empower clients to realize their data journey and establish expected business outcomes for measuring success and meeting expectations, ultimately driving sustainable impact.

Cloud-AI Technologies for Sustainable Impact

We provide cloud-AI based solutions that drive sustainable practices and add value to businesses through improved efficiency, reduced costs and enhanced brand reputation.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT sensors can be used to collect real-time data on energy consumption, air quality, water usage, and waste management, providing valuable insights for organizations to optimize their resource use and reduce their environmental impact.

Big data analytics

Leveraging the power of big data analytics, organizations can effectively identify patterns and trends in their environmental performance, providing them with the data-driven insights necessary to make informed decisions and drive meaningful improvements to their sustainability practices.

Artificial intelligence

By harnessing the power of AI, businesses can leverage advanced algorithms to build predictive models that enable them to optimize energy usage, minimize waste, and boost operational efficiency, leading to significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

Digital twins

Creating virtual replicas of physical assets can help organizations simulate and analyze environmental impacts, optimize resource use, and identify opportunities for reducing waste and energy consumption, driving sustainability and business value.

We Have Already Helped Some of Our Customers Measure and Improve Sustainability

They are very competent. Their workers are very professional and high-talented with lots of skill in cloud infrastructure, cloud computing and Machine Learning. 

Data Scientist Lead, Transportation Company

They are a very solid team with serious knowledge of data science, algorithms, model training, and model scalability. They work with a high level of best practices in the field of development.

CTO, Retail Company

Keepler is a very reliable and skilled provider, always understanding the client’s needs and providing the right piece of advice at the right time. Clearly, they are a key piece of the team

Advanced Analytics Lead, Insurance Company

They have a very qualified team of professionals that make them manage and complete projects with a very high degree of satisfaction. Their knowledge of cloud services is very powerful and they always advise the best way to make the products more efficient and easier to manage.

Data Engineer Lead, Entertainment Company

They provide very valuable service based on quality and knowledge. Their consultants are highly skilled and know public cloud in depth.  

Global Head of Data Engineering & Tech Architecture, Banking Company

Impeccable professionalism and market knowledge make Keepler an ideal partner for strategic projects in our company.

Data Insight Lead, Travel & Tourism Company

Trusted company specialized in Cloud with extensive experience in the Data & AI field. We have been collaborating for several years on various initiatives with highly talented individuals both professionally and personally.

- Head of Data Engineering, Telco Company -

Increase yield efficiency to save 300k per year

The Data Product aims to improve the production performance of a petrochemical plant in China. The goal was to increase the yield efficiency of the processes by keeping component concentration exactly below a threshold.

20MM of water consumption saved

The company is wasting 52MM m3 of water per year because of production inefficiencies. The company want to reduce both water waste and energy dedicated to pump the water into the cisterns. Making water consumption more efficient and manufacturing more sustainable.

Saving 5-7% in energy consumption

The company wants to optimize its production by reducing different sources of costs. The first challenge is to minimize energy consumption, always ensuring that the production targets for the different product lines are met.

Raw-material and CO2 emissions cost analysis

The customer want to understand the CO2 footprint impact of the raw material purchases. This information is combined with IoT data to measure 30 different KPis where CO2 emission plays an important role to make manufacturing and operational decisions.

Hotel CO2 emissions analysis

Managing more than 21.000 rooms located in the top tourist destinations of Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal, the company has launched an initiative to understand and reduce the energy, water consumption and to reduce CO2 emissions.

What can organizations looking to accelerate their climate actions learn from the cultures, mindsets, and influences that climate leaders display?

Follow recognized framework to help you set the appropriate goals and assess progress

Third parties offer guidance and widely recognized frameworks you can use to set and measure credible climate action.

Develop a concrete plan to ensure long-term goals have near-term accountability

It is critical to have concrete action plan that includes tangible, measurable goals and incentives in the short term to ensure long-term goals stay on track.

Educate senior leaders and the board

Senior leaders and boards need to assess the impact of the business on the climate, and the impacts of a changing climate on the business.

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