First of all… what is

Generative AI?

Generative AI is a type of AI that is capable of generating new and original content or data, such as images, text or videos. It creates new data by using complex algorithms and models to understand patterns in existing data.

It is a rapidly evolving field and offers businesses a range of benefits across multiple domains, from marketing and design to customer service and data analysis, Generative AI has the potential to reshape the way we operate and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Improved content creation

Generate new and original high-quality content for diverse applications. Accelerate the creation of stunning content or data, including text or realistic images and videos.

Enhanced operations

Improve the accuracy and speed of various tasks including machine translation and text summarization. This optimization leads to streamlined operations
and increased productivity.

Better customer Experiences

Deliver Smart and Intuitive Customer Experiences. Create personalized interactions that leave a lasting impression, fostering loyalty among customers.

For some experts, Generative AI will be the most important technology over the next 50 years.”

By combining different AI techniques it is possible to boost creativity, enhance natural language generation, and enable data generation in a powerful way


Unleashing creative potential through adversarial training

Generative AI is typically based on deep learning models, such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) which are trained on large datasets of input data in order to learn the underlying patterns and relationships between different data points.


Empowering natural language generation with deep learning

One of the most well-known types of generative AI is the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model, which uses deep learning to generate human-like language.

Variational auto-encoders

Unlocking data generation with probabilistic modeling, revolutionizing content creation

While the encoder transforms the input into a compressed code, the decoder takes this code and reproduces the original information.

Common use cases

Text generation

Questions & Answers

Text summarization


Paraphrase rephrase







Potential of Generative AI by sector

Generative AI has the power to revolutionize multiple industries, driving innovation, efficiency, and creativity, unlocking new possibilities for businesses.


Advanced chatbots, question answering, search.


Protein folding, drug development, personalized medicine, improved medical imaging.

Media and entertainment

Video game generation, upscaling content, face synthesis, film preservation and coloring.


Autonomous vehicles, design parts for fuel efficiency.

Financial services

Risk management, fraud detection.

Consumer goods

Optimize pricing and inventory, correctly flag product brand and category.

Energy and utilities

Design renewable energy sources optimized for geo, predictive maintenance.

Technology hardware

Chip design, robotics.

Keepler’s Real-World Success Stories

We have already helped some of our customers implement solutions in their businesses using Generative AI.

Fashion Retailer with +200m online customers worldwide

Increase conversion rate and customer experience

We integrated Generative AI into the recommendation engine, enhancing the customer experience by generating personalized product sequences, boosting click-through rates and streamlining catalog navigation.

Spanish Energy Company

Synthetic image generation for model training

We used Generative Adversarial Neural Networks (GAN) to enhance model performance by generating new images. Our GAN solution increased model accuracy by 10% and reduced bias, without requiring additional image data from the client.

IT company

Advanced employee question and answer chatbot

We have developed an advanced chatbot solution that utilizes natural language processing to deliver employees concise answers extracted from intranet documents. Our solution is powered by GPT-3 and optimized with a token caching system for efficient usage.

What our clients say

They are very competent. Their workers are very professional and high-talented with lots of skill in cloud infrastructure, cloud computing and Machine Learning. 

Data Scientist Lead, Transportation Company

They are a very solid team with serious knowledge of data science, algorithms, model training, and model scalability. They work with a high level of best practices in the field of development.

CTO, Retail Company

Keepler is a very reliable and skilled provider, always understanding the client’s needs and providing the right piece of advice at the right time. Clearly, they are a key piece of the team

Advanced Analytics Lead, Insurance Company

They have a very qualified team of professionals that make them manage and complete projects with a very high degree of satisfaction. Their knowledge of cloud services is very powerful and they always advise the best way to make the products more efficient and easier to manage.

Data Engineer Lead, Entertainment Company

They provide very valuable service based on quality and knowledge. Their consultants are highly skilled and know public cloud in depth.  

Global Head of Data Engineering & Tech Architecture, Banking Company

Impeccable professionalism and market knowledge make Keepler an ideal partner for strategic projects in our company.

Data Insight Lead, Travel & Tourism Company

Trusted company specialized in Cloud with extensive experience in the Data & AI field. We have been collaborating for several years on various initiatives with highly talented individuals both professionally and personally.

- Head of Data Engineering, Telco Company -

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