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A team of experts ready to help CDOs to discover and understand the business value of data.

We help our customers understand the business value that data products bring to them.

The objective of Data Management is to keep data organized in a practical, efficient and easily consumable or usable way. Therefore, the way in which this data is managed lays the foundations in the organization for its subsequent analysis, to define strategies and thus generate a positive impact on the business. This discipline has undoubtedly become an essential part of organizations that want to become data-driven. Through Keepler’s data management consulting services, we help you build these foundations in your organization and integrate them to introduce them in the different areas involved.

Data Management Circle

Through Keepler’s data management consulting services, an expert in data management, with extensive business experience and functional capabilities, we will guide you through the transformation, both culturally and technically, guaranteeing your success.

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3. Be the change

It is time to think about new stages and future needs. Develop new skills, change the data-mindset, create talent paths… To consolidate the Data Culture. Always considering regulatory, compliance and privacy requirements.

1. Get started

First step: know yourself better. Your challenges, your pain points, your technology and your future desires and goals. Then, build the most adequate strategy around the data. Our Data Maturity Formula methodology will guide you in the first steps.

2. Make the change feasible

Every data management program and/or any digital transformation needs to count on (and start with) people. This implies talking about data governance and thus triggering data quality works, to make people conscious and accountable of data.

Know yourself better though our Data Maturity Formula

We help you understand your level of data maturity and identify the first steps of your strategy thanks to our Data Maturity Formula, an unique and exclusive Keepler methodology that combines specific variables and will allow you to start your transition towards a data-driven company.

Data Management Consultancy Circle’s


Where to start?

Where to start? Thanks to the methodology of our Data Maturity Formula you will be able to identify the maturity level of your company in the use and exploitation of data, as well as create a work plan to achieve your goals.

Why is a Data Management Partner important?

“Impeccable professionalism and market knowledge make Keepler an ideal partner for strategic projects in our company.”

- Data Insight Lead, Travel & Tourism Company -

Real Expertise

It will provide expert knowledge that the client lacks in order to guide them through the process using proven and practical methodologies, with clear and measurable objectives.

Tailored Strategy

Far from falling into standardised frameworks, we help you build a system that works for your organisation, applying knowledge, experience and common sense.

Trusted Advisor

Our goal is to create an operational and executable system from very early on and we take on the role of being advisors to your data strategy so that the foundations of your products and analytics are solid, secure and scalable.

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