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Your salary at Keepler

Our salary transparency model allows you to know your potential salary before joining our company.

Being a #citizenK is a privilege available to a select few.

It means being part of a group that is changing the way that data analysis is understood and that is transforming the work philosophy at companies that are ready to prepare for a future that brings together the best of technology and people.

We speak about what we do.

A #citizenK talks about data, machine learning, how the public cloud will drive analysis, learning, new work philosophies and cultural change in business. Would you like to join the conversation?
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Would you like to know who are already #citizenKs?

Get to know some of the people that make up Keepler: Cloud Architects, Software Engineers, Front-end and Back-end Developers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Agile Coaches, etc. and an exceptional business team.

This is our mood.

We update our mood weekly. With our k-mood tool we create a common Niko Niko Calendar for the whole organization and every Friday we ask our #citizenKs how their week went. And since transparency is one of our values, we share it here.

🙂 I feel wow!

😐 Yeah, nah

🙁 Not today

#CitizenK around the world

At Keepler we have definitely opted for remote work, which allows us to have #citizenK in different cities. In this map you can see how we are distributed.

Do you want to work remotely from your city? Take a look at our vacancies.

Carbon footprint

We have reduced our carbon footprint -83.3% and, incidentally, the number of kilometers traveled by our employees to get to work.

How? By changing from a face-to-face model with 2 days of telecommuting per week, to a remote first model in which the office is a meeting point, a place to exchange ideas and open to anyone who needs it or wants to come.

  • Hire super good people who can live in any city they choose.

  • Reduce time spent on transportation, gaining time for your personal life.

  • To contribute our grain of sand to the planet.

Km traveled per year

The distance traveled to work has been reduced by a total of 180,224 km less per year.

Cloud Engineer

What draws me most to Keepler is the commitment to doing things right, based on principles such as camaraderie, solidarity and continuous improvement.

Carlos Sánchez, Keepler

Agile Practitioner

What I find most exciting at Keepler is the company culture and being able to participate in the beginnings of a project that is created with a unique approach.

Miriam Orejana, Keepler

Cloud Architect

At Keepler I hope to grow as a professional in a collaborative, transparent and exciting environment and have the chance to generate high quality solutions for our customers.

Joaquín Navarro, Keepler

How #citizenKs are selected.

It’s a simple but demanding process, as you will have to meet the standards we set to uphold quality and excellence in what we do.

Benefits of being a #citizenK

On Planet K we aim to give our #citizenKs benefits that improve their lives and make them more comfortable, both professionally and personally. We believe that each person shows what they can contribute in their day to day activities and the effort of each #citizenK should be rewarded with a financial and emotional salary, as well as friendly environment where citizens feel that their particular day to day needs are attended to.
Choose, at home or at the office?

If there is no Keepler office where you live, you can request remote work. If you have an office nearby, you can choose to work from home or in the office whenever you want.

Flexible schedule

Because each person can have different needs, you have a margin of two hours for entering or leaving work. Start your day from 8 to 10 and end it from 5 to 7.


We promote your training

You have a personal budget of 2,000 euros a year for training courses to help you grow professionally.


Your health is important

Medical insurance for you in one of the leading companies in the market. You can include your family at a reduced price.


Competitive salary

Transparency in salaries, in how you can grow in the company and how you can supplement your salary with bonus skills.

Food aid

You will receive 11 euros a day from Monday to Thursday in addition to your salary for food aid.

Salary reviews

Your salary increase is not decided by a boss, but by your peers, and you have 3 times a year to request it. Also,  thanks to the salary calculator, you can easily know your chances of professional growth.

Eliminate Hierarchies

We operate with circle structures based on sociocracy and management 3.0 that encourage collaboration and eliminate hierarchy downwards. Your ideas will be easily heard in your circle and inside the company.


Minimal bureaucracy

We try to make it easy for you so that you do not spend time on heavy bureaucratic tasks. That’s why we keep our procedures clear and simple.



You will allways know what is happening in the company at a management level, in terms of decisions, financial evolution … We share the minutes of global meetings and there are weekly meetings with the CEO by videoconference.

We are governed by 5 basic principles that guide our work. 
We follow certain key principles and values to achieve those objectives and follow the established strategy. Find out what they are and what they mean. If you comply with them, you have already taken the first step to becoming a #citizenK.


We advocate a transparent relationship with each other and with our customers, sharing the why, what and how of every decision we make.

Continuous improvement

We encourage our teams to excel in every project, because even if we do well, there is always a way to improve it.


Individual attitude is represented by stewardship, with colleagues and clients. Supporting others when needed and driving change when necessary.


What we do, we do for a reason and with the objective of adding value. Therefore, impact becomes our guide for decision making, as what we do has a positive effect on our business, our team, our customers’ businesses and the world.

Everyone matters

People are the most important thing at Keepler, and that is why decisions are made with them in mind, seeking their well-being and happiness, both inside and outside the company.

The real life of #citizenKs

We have created a space where you can work on what you like and feel supported by a company which looks after you. You won’t have to worry about anything except the important stuff:

Meet your deadlines in each sprint. 

We work with Agile aligned frameworks and the projects are everyone’s responsibility. If each person on the team does their part, success is guaranteed.

Learn from your mistakes and from those of others.

You’re allowed to fail and in fact you should! What’s important is that you learn from your mistakes. Your colleagues are stars, so you will learn a lot from them. Take advantage of the opportunity!

Don’t eat too much.

You’ll find that it’s common to celebrate good news with donuts. We also know a place with some incredibly delicious Spanish omelets. You’ll have so many different places to explore that you won’t even have time to try them all. That is one of the advantages of working in the heart of Madrid.

Become #citizenK