What would your salary be at Keepler?

Our salary transparency model allows both candidates and employees to know the potential salary that they would earn in the company.

In addition to your market value associated with your profile and experience, we add salary complements through Skills that add value to the company and are divided into different levels of knowledge and experience that gives you more or less economic value.

The skills you consider you may have are validated by our experts in each area through objective tests.

Keep in mind!

The result you get with this calculator is for guidance only, as each role has a maximum and minimum salary range that will be evaluated in the personal interview. We understand that you can consider that you have certain skills, but we have to validate they fit the level we require, so they will be validated by experts who already have them.

This is how we build our DNA

All Keepler Roles and Skills have to fulfill a part that is common to all of them and that is fully aligned with the company’s values ​​and the Keepler manifesto. That is why they have an expiration date, so that they can be reviewed and adjusted according to the strategy defined by the company at all times. We call it: Keepler DNA.

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