4 Key Trends  are Changing the Telco Landscape

Keepler can help you to boost each of them

5G Adoption

The adoption of 5G technology is expected to continue to grow, with more and more telco companies investing in the infrastructure needed to support it. 5G technology promises to enable new use cases such as IoT, smart cities, and augmented reality, which could create new revenue streams for telcos.

Edge Computing

A distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed, reducing latency and increasing efficiency. Telco companies are well-positioned to leverage their existing network infrastructure to support edge computing, which could enable new services and applications.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is being increasingly used in the telco industry to improve network performance, automate customer service, and enhance security. In the coming years, we can expect to see even more telcos adopting AI technologies to optimize their operations and improve the customer experience.

Security First

With the increasing number of cyber threats, telco companies will continue to invest in priorize secure environments to protect their networks, data and customers. This may involve adopting new security practices and technologies such as artificial intelligence-based threat detection or advanced authentication methods.

Telecommunications companies face many important challenges in the near future.

Telcos will have to navigate complex political scenarios, maintain and expand their networks, adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape to meet evolving customer needs in the interconnected, smart world of 2030, reduce e-waste and carbon intensity, protect customer data and privacy, and serve as the lubricant for the critical infrastructures that keep the economy and society running.

Data is key to successfully respond to increased uncertainty

Smart Network Management Systems

Monitor and predict network outages and improve network performance trought predictive maintenance solutions, thus enhancing customer experience and reducing costs.

AI and Automation

Optimize telco operations by tailoring services, streamlining back-end operations, and reducing costs through valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Green Telco Solutions

Advanced data analytics makes it possible to identify areas of inefficiency and take corrective measures, to optimize the supply chain and logistics operations, reducing energy consumption and monitoring carbon emissions.

AI-based Solutions for the Telco Business

We help you empower your telco business to meet the challenges of the digital era

Vision AI

Computer vision can be used to monitor and optimize network performance by analyzing images and videos of the infrastructure, detecting potential network downtime or identifying areas where it is congested. AI algorithms can detect signs of wear and tear, damage, or other issues in the whole assets and equipment infrastructure, allowing to perform preventive maintenance before problems arise. AI can analyze patterns of behaviour or suspicious activity for fraud detection. Customer Experience can also be improved through chatbots powered by AI, that understand the context, providing more accurate responses to customer queries. Vision AI has become an essential tool for operating in a more efficient way.

Unstructured Data Insights

Unstructured data analysis solutions can help telecommunications companies extract insights and valuable information from a wide range of unstructured data sources, including documents, emails, attachments, conversations, image and video files, audio files, log files, social media, surveys, and reviews. By combining extraction models with business logic, these solutions can convert processed data into relevant and actionable information for decision making, improving areas such as customer sentiment analysis, network performance analysis, fraud detection, industry regulations compliance or marketing analysis.

Anomaly detection

Advanced anomaly detection solutions based on machine learning can help telecom companies be proactive in identifying and resolving network service degradations and outages by dynamically monitoring 100% of network data and automatically creating baselines for normal behavior, providing real-time analysis to quickly correlate incidents with root causes and enabling holistic visibility across network layers, applications, databases, storage, CRM, and monitoring tools. By identifying anomalies in big data networks, these solutions allow telecoms to resolve problems before they cause impacts or interruptions, ultimately improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs and enhancing network reliability.

360º Customer View

We can help you build your unique customer view, aggregating different sources of information, both online and offline, around a unique anonymised customer ID. This view provides a holistic and real-time understanding of the customer’s needs, expectations, and experiences across multiple channels and touchpoints into a single, comprehensive view of the customer. This information can be used to improve customer engagement, retention, and loyalty, as well as to develop more personalized and targeted marketing campaigns, products, and services.

Demand Forecasting

By leveraging the power of advanced machine learning algorithms that can efficiently analyze both historical and real-time data streams, demand forecasting technology offers telecommunication companies the ability to accurately predict future demand for their services and network resources, which can lead to optimized network capacity and resource allocation, reduced costs, improved service quality, and increased customer satisfaction through the analysis of usage patterns and consumer behaviour.

We help our clients transform their business through data

“Trusted company specialized in Cloud with extensive experience in the Data & AI field. We have been collaborating for several years on various initiatives with highly talented individuals both professionally and personally.”

- Head of Data Engineering, Telco Company -
Big Data
Data Science

Cloud Migration of Data Exploration Environment 

The exploration environment in an on-premise Cloudera installation has to be upgraded to accommodate more data and more users.

Big Data
Data Science

Automated Data Analysis Environments and ML Pipeline for a Large Data Science Team

With a team of 200 data scientist and an on-prem Cloudera platform, the customer was struggling  to create new data environments and keep costs in line.

Big Data

IoT Ecosystem for Added Value Services

The client is willing to increase service stickiness by providing value added solutions based on IoT devices connected to the mobile and internet router.

Thinking about the future?

Data is the basis for turning strategies into profits

Differentiate by improving the customer experience

Take benefit from developing new digital ways of interacting with customers and fully automated offerings using cloud and AI technology. Simplifying offerings, diversifying the business, and exploring new opportunities can help build more resilient business models.

Gain advantages by focusing on network, Data and IT

Improve your IT stack with cloud technology to gain competitive advantage, shift towards an asset-light network strategy, and use advanced analytics and AI to optimize business efficiency and reduce rollout times significantly.

Unlock the power of Data by creating a Data-Driven culture

Create a data-driven culture to inform decision-making, provide training on data analysis, incorporate analytics into performance metrics, and incentivize data-driven approaches to drive innovation and improve the bottom line.

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