Keepler Data Tech, a full-stack analytics services company in the development of products and solutions in the Amazon Web Services public cloud, has obtained the validation that identifies it as an AWS partner with deep knowledge and expertise in implementing big data analytics applications with Amazon EMR.

Amazon EMR is a service that makes it easy to run frameworks like Apache Hadoop, Spark, Presto, Hive, and HBase on massively scalable clusters. As well as allowing the creation of solutions that handle big data use cases, such as log analysis, web indexing, data transformation (ETL), machine learning, financial analysis … In addition, this recognition accredits Keepler to create and implement, migration of on-premises cluster workloads / applications to AWS.

The AWS Service Delivery Program enables your customers to identify AWS Consulting Partners with experience and in-depth knowledge of specific AWS services. As a consulting partner, Keepler follows best practices for AWS services and has proven experience in providing them. 

“Our customers rely on us to use the public cloud in the most optimal way. The new service delivery certification obtained by Keepler, complements our existing Machine Learning and Data & Analytics competencies and demonstrates to the market Keepler’s high level of expertise in the use of Hadoop technologies on AWS”, states Juan María Aramburu, CEO of Keepler.

Keepler already reached just four months after joining the AWS Partner Network level. Advanced Consulting PartnerIn September 2019 he obtained the Data & Analytics competence and in September 2020 the Machine Learning competence. To this is also added the consideration of Immersion Day Partner, which recognizes Keepler as an advanced consulting partner and capable of imparting training and technical immersions to clients. specialization to which this new achievement is now added with the specialization in Machine Learning. This new recognition as Amazon EMR Service Delivery Partner confirms Keepler’s commitment to lead the development of advanced data analytics products on the AWS public cloud in the European market.

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