Open Loop is a global program, promoted by Facebook, that develops effective and evidence-based policies around AI and other emerging technologies. The initiative is built on the collaboration and contributions of a consortium made up of regulators, governments, tech businesses, academics and civil society representatives. 

Through experimental governance methods, Open Loop members co-create policy prototypes and test new and different approaches to laws and regulations before they are enacted, improving the quality of rulemaking processes in the field of tech policy.

With a “try and learn” approach, the working groups, distributed by continent, aim to improve existing governance frameworks and inform future decision makers about the regulation of emerging technologies. In practice, it seeks to translate the methodology used in technology development into the design of public policies and thus build bridges between the two worlds. 

Open Loop is a global initiative that has brought together fifty companies that are part of this project, only ten of them located in Europe, including Keepler as a software company specialized in AI. Spread over three continents: Asia conducted tests on existing AI governance instruments; America evaluates a future legal prototype to favor transparency in AI systems; in Europe, the team works on an AI risk assessment framework, similar to the Impact Assessment related to Data Protection introduced by the GDPR.

Specifically, the European project developed and evaluated in practice a prototype risk assessment for AI systems composed of two documents: a legal text and an implementation guide. The guide includes a list of values relevant to the AI/ML industry, a taxonomy of potential harms and examples of measures to mitigate them. The evaluation, in the form of surveys and workshops, took place over 4 weeks where participants simulated the implementation of the prototype and provided feedback on its clarity, difficulty of implementation and effectiveness.

You can read and download the full report by accessing the European project section of the Open Loop website (as well as the prototype risk assessment).

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