Madrid, Spain – 12 February 2020 – Technology company Keepler Data Tech, developer of data products based on artificial intelligence and machine learning in the public cloud, has announced further funding from existing investor DTCP, which seeded the startup less than two years ago.

Keepler has secured funding for two objectives: to consolidate the company’s position and growth in Spain and to pursue its internationalization strategy as it launches its operations in the German market. “We are very satisfied with the results of the last two years and we are ready for the next significant step, which includes supporting further growth in Spain and expanding abroad. We are convinced that our services are well suited to the European market and we will make use of DTCP’s strong network in Germany to launch our first international market there,” says Juan María Aramburu, CEO at Keepler.

Keepler was founded in March 2018 in Madrid, Spain. Two years on, the company has established a firm presence in the Spanish public cloud services market with two offices, in Madrid and Barcelona, evidenced by a threefold revenue increase in 2019. The company plans to continue its growth journey in 2020 by capitalizing on the huge market opportunity across Europe as companies recognize the need to become data driven. “This capital injection allows us to expand more rapidly as we see a significant increase in demand for our services,” adds Keepler CEO Juan María Aramburu.

We are very impressed with Keepler’s growth thus far. As more and more companies embrace the public cloud, we are convinced that Keepler has the potential to become a leading European big data services company. We are excited to continue our support for this exceptional team,” says Vicente Vento, Co-Founder and CEO at DTCP.

Keepler is excited to announce the launch of its first international office as it looks to support clients across Europe. The launch of its German office in Frankfurt allows enterprise customers in the DACH region to accelerate their adoption of big data tools in the public cloud. “Over the last two years, we have observed an explosion in demand for cloud-native big data analytics solutions. We are convinced that Keepler has a lot of opportunity in the German market as enterprises are starting to embrace the public cloud,” says Waldemar Maurer, DTCP Principal, Private Equity.

Keepler designs data-centric solutions on the public cloud (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure) for large and medium-sized companies in a variety of sectors including finance, industrials, energy, retail, logistics, healthcare, media, and telecommunications.

About Keepler
Keepler is a technology services company providing cloud-enabled data analytic services to businesses. It helps its customers become data-centric and embrace advanced analytics, big data and machine learning through the development of software data products and services based on public cloud platforms. Keepler provides end-to-end engineering, development, implementation and managed services solutions to businesses that are looking to accelerate time-to-market and realize more value from their data assets. To learn more about Keepler, visit, follow @keepler_io in Twitter or /keepler in LinkedIn.

About DTCP
DTCP is an investment management group with $1.7 billion in assets under management and advisory from corporate and institutional investors, and a portfolio of over 60 companies. The group provides venture and growth capital, private equity, and advisory services to the technology, media, and telecommunications sectors. It operates and invests in Europe, North America, and Asia. To learn more about DTCP, visit or follow /dtcp-capital in LinkedIn.

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