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Learn about our technology solutions to face the new normality in the business environment.

Cloud computing
Governance, migration and optimization of architectures over the public cloud.
Big Data
Building Data Lakes with a Big Data as a Service approach to offer Business solutions. 
Artificial Intelligence
Algorithms to optimize customer-focused Business solutions.
Agile Transformation

Agile development allows to reduce efforts and optimize resources, thanks to improving communication, increasing homogeneity and reducing errors, obtaining more immediate real results, providing value from the beginning and allowing to evolve and scale.

DevOps Practices

DevOps is a methodology specific to the IT industry that impacts on both a technological and cultural level, eliminating silos and encouraging communication and collaboration. The objective? Products more adjusted to the need and a more efficient, fast and safe result.

Product Approach

Imagine a Big Data platform that can be divided into different use cases based on real business needs, developing an evolving infrastructure that responds to future needs. This is how we approach the construction of Data Products.

We help you move forward in the right way


By 2020, companies that are not in the cloud will be as rare as those that did not use the Internet in the 1990s. The innovative and capacity potential offered by the public cloud to any type of company, of any sector or size, is huge. Migrating to the cloud in the right way, efficient information governance and an appropriate and optimised architecture are the keys to the success of this phase.

These are some of use cases
that you can find:
Data Platform Transformation

We help organizations in their paradigm shift from on premise to public cloud, develop and migrate their data platforms in the cloud adapting to their real experience and cloud maturity level.

Enterprise Governance

Cloud governance involves multiple people and departments. We help you design a complete strategy for adopting and exploiting the public cloud.

Assessment & Optimization

We always optimize our solutions, analysing their architecture from different points of view: performance, processes, security, reliability, cost control and best practices.

DevSecOps Methodologies

We help adopt these practices to take full advantage of cloud capabilities, streamline delivery times, and line up autonomous teams, minimizing dependencies with other departments.

Different sources, formats, purposes… Storing information can be easy, it gets tricky due too data exponential growth and lack of organization and homogeneity. What i can do with my data? How i can understand them? Where i can start reading them? A proper organization of your Data Lake is the first phase to begin to exploit your data and obtain business value. At Keepler we help you with organization, governance and optimization of your Data Lakes..

These are some of use cases
that you can find:
Data Lake

An operational Data Lake allows maximum information to be available regardless of structure and volume. We work the ingest, integration and consolidation for its exploitation by Business.

Data Lake

Consolidates customer information into a single source of data from multiple sources, allowing you to generate a complete picture of reality for a true 360 strategy.

Data Lake

Collect in a single site all information about employees and collaborators (historic, promotions, surveys, incidents…) to analyze and propose improvements aimed at loyalty.

IoT Data Lake & Real Time Analytics

The ever growing complexity and ammount of date makes it difficult to explore. We generate an analysis and exploitation system, both in batch and real time, applying ML models to reinforce its operation.

Sales & Marketing Data Lake

All marketing, customer and sales actions in a single repository to understand and predict behavior, helping departments to optimize campaigns and new product launches.

Transactional Data Lake
& Real Time Analytics

Cloud Data Lake capabilities allow it storing and processing large volumes of valuable information with the necessary agility while maintaining costs compared to traditional information systems.

Assessment & Optimization

We optimize solutions at all times, analysing the architecture from different points of view: performance, processes, security, reliability, cost control and best practices.

Millions of data are accumulated every day in an incremental way, potential information that contributes Business value and decision capacity if it is exploited in an adequate way. At Keepler we help you build real use cases adapted to your specific needs, based on your information Data Lakes, translating Business or Innovation needs into data products that will solve today’s needs and will be able to evolve to future needs.

These are some of use cases
that you can find:
Enterprise Governance

Cloud governance involves multiple people and departments. We help you design a complete strategy for adopting and exploiting the public cloud.

Cloud Data Management

It responds to the information needs of different departments in terms of information availability, security and quality: data integration and accuracy, continuous quality improvement, security, confidentiality and regulatory compliance.

Data Visualization

The use of advanced data visualization allows to obtain Business insights. Charts, graphs, maps… Visual resources that help us identify and understand trends, exceptions and patterns in data.

Artificial Intelligence is the technological hype of the moment. We want data that generates information in an automated and more efficient way. Allowing optimization of processes and decision making. AI world is full of these possibilities and is the most challenging phase for companies today. It is no longer enough to make Big Data, nowadays the way to mark difference is to provide intelligence to data through the right combination of algorithms. Do you want to start experimenting with Artificial Intelligence? We will help you do it..

These are some of use cases
that you can find:
Agile transformation:
Discovering use cases

Dynamics oriented towards co-creation allow us to create a catalogue of use cases to start building MVPs. The perfect team: the client contributes his knowledge of the business / sector and from Keepler we contribute technological knowledge.

Cloud Data Lab
& Machine Learning
Life Cycle

Teams of scientists and data experts require configurable and scalable environments. Cloud environments provide data access and storage capabilities for exploitation by BI tools and ML applications.

Data & Research

The first step to successfully exploit data through Artificial Intelligence is to investigate them in depth. We will help you to analyze the quality, completeness or dispersion; at the same time that we deepen the relationship to get closer to Business hypotheses previously raised.

Descriptive Analytics

Statistical techniques allow to go further than visualization, finding hidden relations between all the variables of the datasets and KPIs identified for the Business or the processes.

There are companies that can say that they have already implemented Artificial Intelligence practices. The question now is: What are the next steps? How can I make a profit? At Keepler we want to help you create Business value products from those internal projects based on AI, turning them into a product that goes beyond your organization, generating new revenues or creating new forms of innovation.

These are some of use cases
that you can find:

ML algorithms offer a personalized experience and identify more related products, content or experiences through techniques such as collaborative filtering or content-based recommendation.


The propensity has multiple applications and in Keepler we help you apply it in the most appropriate way: customer life cycle management, pattern detection, risk management of non-payment …

Times Series Forecasting

The use of time series allows analyzing the history to predict aspects such as: evolution of sales, consumption, visits… This makes it possible to identify events that have an impact and to simulate “What if” scenarios.


These techniques allow to identify segments or clusters that share characteristics and differentiate them from the rest, allowing to increase the knowledge of the Business and to define better strategies.

Speech, Text, Video, Image Analytics

There are multiple applications of AI techniques that can provide value in information processing, from audio transcription, NLP algorithms for texts or identification and classification of images.

Edge Machine Learning

The advancement of devices and computer systems makes it possible to provide information systems with decentralized processing capabilities.

Conversational interfaces

Advances in the field of NLP allow us to analyze human language and act on it and thanks to new techniques such as NLU (Natural Language Understanding) we understand contexts and maximize the user experience.

Accelerated Machine Learning

Deep Learning techniques in cloud environments, together with powerful solutions such as GPUs or TPUs, accelerate the computation of information to respond to new cases of use and needs that would otherwise be impossible to address.

we create your data product
We apply Agile and DevOps methodologies with a Data Product approach to guarantee continuous and operational value deliveries from the beginning.
Based on a Business use case scenario and objectives definition we proceed to data collection, cleaning and exploration.
Iterative process of model training and model validation. We build software products with a “You Build It, You Run it” approach.
We deploy only technology necessary for each use case, avoiding over-engineering, with security, automation and reuse as principles.
A / B testing and continuous validation of models for compliance with KPIs and algorithm’s refinement.
Why us
At Keepler, we believe that it is possible to do things differently, transferring to our clients a way of working and a culture that make us to work as one team.
we are specialists

The necessity to build products and services around data is common to all activity sectors, whether they are purely digital or physical products. At Keepler, we are specialists in extracting the full value of data.

we have real experience

Our experts are highly qualified. During years, they have developed software products natively on the most advanced public cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

we are agile

Data is not static. Data products must be continuously and quickly adapted to the customer’s needs. At Keepler, we are agile in the continuous and changing adaptation that a data product requires to bring real value to Business.

Join the team!
We are looking for the best public cloud software engineers and architects, data scientists with real project experience, and Scrum Master. If you are one of them, we are waiting for you at Keepler.
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