Cloud Computing adoption
Migration procedure to the cloud of information systems from on-premise platforms.
Data product building
Design, development, and operation of data-centric software products built in the public cloud.
Development using
AI technologies
Data platforms built using artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning and deep learning.
we create your data product
Our cloud architects, engineers, data scientists and agile practitioners bring their real expertise in several data processing on cloud computing engagements on retail, telecommunications, hospitality, energy, finances, services and utilities industries.
Use case
Our work solve business challenges through advanced use of data apply to use cases.
Product Design
We built software products with a focus on “You Build It, You Run it”.
Lean development
We deploy just the necessary technology for each use case to avoid over-engineering.
+ +
We reuse best practices, functional components and algorithms to accelerate the construction of Data Products.
Why us
At Keepler, we believe that it is possible to do things differently, transferring to our clients a way of working and a culture that make us to work as one team.
we are specialists

The necessity to build products and services around data is common to all activity sectors, whether they are purely digital or physical products. At Keepler, we are specialists in extracting the full value of data.

we have real experience

Our experts are highly qualified. During years, they have developed software products natively on the most advanced public cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

we are agile

Data is not static. Data products must be continuously and quickly adapted to the customer’s needs. At Keepler, we are agile in the continuous and changing adaptation that a data product requires to bring real value to Business.

Join the team!
We are looking for the best public cloud software engineers and architects, data scientists with real project experience, and Scrum Master. If you are one of them, we are waiting for you at Keepler.
Take a look at our job opportunities.
Cloud Engineer SysOps
Cloud Engineer SysOps
Cloud Architect Developer
Cloud Architect Developer
Data Scientist
Data Scientist
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