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AWS excels in offering versatile cloud solutions, particularly for Big Data and Machine Learning-focused products. As a public cloud provider, AWS consistently meets the demands of even the most complex use cases. Its continuous innovation, with an annual investment exceeding $22 billion, solidifies AWS as the market-leading and most innovative cloud platform.

AWS Premier Tier Services Partner Badge

Keepler partnered with AWS in March 2018 and achieved Premier Tier status in just five years, showcasing our strong commitment to delivering business value through data in the public cloud.

We specialize in designing, building, and deploying Big Data and Machine Learning solutions, with a focus on Data Product development. Quality and experience are crucial, and we base our approach on the five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework.

We can help you with…

Data-Driven Everything (D2E) Program

The potential to create new outcomes through a digital transformation using database, analytics, AI and ML is within the reach of all enterprises. Historically, customers have struggled with these transformations and often face challenges such as understanding “what great looks like,” data privacy, security, compliance, and creating a data-driven culture.

Through the AWS Data-Driven Everything (D2E) program, AWS and Keepler will help you move faster and more accurately using a people, process, and technology-first approach to work. The program will leverage specific use cases to jump-start your data flywheel and create value-based outcomes throughout the entire process of building a data platform.

Immersion Days

Keepler offers intensive trainings to deepen your expertise in Amazon Web Services without any cost for your company. These sessions are specially designed to train the teams or departments at medium- and large-sized companies that are leading the digital transformation of their organization, in any sector.

Well Architected Review

The AWS Well-Architected Framework provides a set of guidelines and best practices to help cloud professionals optimize and design their workloads and operate them efficiently in the AWS cloud. By adopting this framework, we can build and deploy solutions in the cloud in a more secure and efficient way, and, above all, we make informed decisions, all in line with AWS best practices.

This framework includes a comprehensive overview of techniques and tools that are widely known and used, grouping them into five pillars and reviewing and applying them in order to extract a list of KPIs and metrics that allow us to objectively assess our use of the AWS public cloud services.

We are specialists on…

Big Data
Machine Learning
IoT (Internet of Things)

Capabilities in AWS Cloud Solutions

Data Lake and Analytics

It allows to have a great centralized data repository where to ingest information from many sources and to govern them in a correct and controlled way. This type of solution is used by some others, like the exploitation of this data for analytics. S3, Glue, Athena, QuickSight, Lake Formation.

Machine Learning & AI

AWS provides various artificial intelligence and machine learning services that allow certain needs to be solved in a short time. In addition, SageMaker provides a comprehensive and continuously improving ecosystem for all phases of the ML lifecycle. SageMaker, Rekognition, Polly, Forecast.

Real Time Data

There are a multitude of use cases that require information processing in real-time. This processed information is exploited in many cases, and in other, it is immediately served as an entry point to other processes. Kinesis, Kinesis Analytics, MSK, DynamoDB, Lambda.


It provides services and functionalities for IoT highest performance, providing a two-way communication between the devices and AWS. These functionalities are located both outside and inside the cloud. IoT Core, GreenGrass.

Data APIs

It is very common to provide access to information through an API, both for consultation and for data input, for example from mobile devices. This information will have been processed or used by one of the other types of solutions. AWS provides several services and functionalities to make this type of API available. API Gateway, ECS, Lambda, EKS, DynamoDB, RDS, Cognito.

Cloud Adoption

The first, and sometimes the most complex step, is how to migrate your data and systems to the public cloud, which architectures and services to use, how to transfer the data… In addition, it is possible to keep another part on-premise maintaining both connected (hybrid clouds). The right strategy for a correct cloud adoption, is one of the bases to get the most out of your data with AWS. Snowball, SFTP, DMS.


Keepler has been selected AWS Partner of the Year 2023 for Iberia (Spain and Portugal)

More than 90% of Keepler’s technical specialists are certified by AWS.

We’ve already reached 100 AWS certifications.

In 2018 the AWS Spain partner network recognized Keepler as a Rising Star Company for quickly reaching the Advanced level (in just 4 months since we started operating) and for the great projection of the company.

In 2023, after just five years of operation, our company has reached the Premier Tier, demonstrating Keepler’s clear objective and commitment to bringing business value through data in the public cloud.


Advanced Consulting Partner
Data & Analytics
Machine Learning Competency
Security Competency
Service Delivery
Solution Provider
Immersion Days
Amazon Quicksight
Amazon DevOps Services

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