Security Services 

In Amazon Web Services
The cloud services provider and the client share responsibilities in managing safety and data privacy risks. At Keepler, we leverage the features of cloud security and integrate them into the client’s security processes and platforms.


Set up a secure, multi-account environment based on AWS best practices. Save time by automating the set-up of an environment for running secure and scalable workloads while implementing an initial security baseline through the creation of core accounts and resources. Run automated self-remediation operations based on Security Hub alerts.


Define security rings for your AWS ecosystem that defend your applications and business processes from unexpected attacks that can compromise the security and reliability of data and workloads. Applying the security rules, policies and the use of advanced AWS firewall services creates a safe platform that is resilient to attacks and completely updated and ready for the main OWASP security risks.


Create a safe cloud environment that guarantees a least privilege data access policy in accordance with the GDPR. Managing permissions and work policies in the cloud guarantees an application and traceability of who or which resource has access to which data and with which level of permissions. Applying data encryption techniques and making use of AWS security services guarantees the organization’s GDPR compliance level.


Even the most advanced technological organizations expect crashes, failures and unexpected disasters. By applying Backup and Disaster Recovery techniques and AWS multi-regional availability, your cloud platform will be able to guarantee availability and recovery agreements in the event of failures, allowing your organization to continue operating even when the unexpected occurs.

Security Success Cases

Big Data

Landing Zone and Data Environment for Analytics and Business Applications

The client is willing to run its operations in a new market, so they need to reduce time-to-market with the ability to scale rapidly as new crucial applications are deployed to capture market share.

Big Data

Sensitive Data Pseudonymization

Meet the EU GDPR requirements in terms of data privacy, applying pseudonymization techniques to PII data stored in a ~300TB AWS S3 Data Lake.

Big Data

Oil Derivatives Manufacturing Data Lake

Refinery manufacturing control systems are very expensive and very limited in data storage and processing.


Cloud Security Strategy and self-healing

In a complex work and organizational environment, it is essential to have a cloud security strategy that ensures that security policies are reliably enforced, automated, resilient and capable of growth.

Why trust the security of AWS services

Using AWS will give you the control and confidence you need to run your business in a safe and flexible way in the most advanced cloud computing environment available. As an AWS customer you will benefit from the AWS data processing centers and a network designed to protect your information, identities, applications and devices.

Keepler & AWS: Security first

At Keepler we are highly committed to security and data processing. We have years of experience designing architectures and environments in the cloud, which, in addition to AWS best practices, enables us to implement from scratch with a focus on complying with the highest security standards and regulations in the sector.

Benefits of AWS security services

Safe and transparent scalability

Control where data are stored, who can access them and which resources the organization is consuming at any given time. The fine-grained access and identity controls, along with continuous real-time monitoring, ensure that resources have the correct accesses assigned at all times, regardless of where the information is stored.

Automation to reduce risks

Automating security tasks in AWS lets you reduce the risks associated with human errors and gives operation teams more time to focus on critical business tasks. Select from a wide variety of solutions and services that can be combined to automate security tasks, making it easier for security teams to work side-by-side with development and operations teams to develop and roll out code quickly and safety.

High Privacy and Data security standards

AWS is concerned with privacy. Build safer systems in the global infrastructure, knowing that you always own your data, including the capacity to encrypt them, transfer them and manage retention periods. All the data sent over the global AWS network between different data processing centers and regions are automatically encrypted.

Vast partner ecosystem

Extend the benefits of AWS by using the security technology and professional services of trusted specialist providers like Keepler, with extensive experience and proven success securing every step of cloud adoption, from the initial migration to daily management.

More complete compliance and security controls

To assist with regulatory compliance efforts, AWS has third-party validation on compliance with an enormous number of global program requirements that are continuously monitored to help comply with standards in sectors such as finance, retail, health, the public sector, etc.


AWS guarantees services are in compliance with the GDPR standard. As a specialized partner in safe large-scale data processing, Keepler will help you implement the necessary technical mechanisms to ensure that systems developed on AWS also comply with GDPR requirements like data anonymization, localization, governance, access control and managing security breaches.

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