Keepler Data Tech, an advanced data analytics and data product building company in the public cloud, has been validated in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Delivery QuickSight. This program identifies and endorses partners that have demonstrated their ability to help customers create and publish interactive dashboards and gain insights from their data in a holistic manner across their organizations. 

QuickSight is the serverless, AWS-native artificial intelligence (BI) tool that enables everyone in the organization (end users, analysts, developers and administrators) to understand data through natural language, and exploit it through interactive dashboards or machine learning-driven automatic search for patterns and outliers.

Amazon QuickSight Delivery Partners are AWS consulting partners that maximize data by screening comprehensive, interactive experiences in Amazon QuickSight in order to identify trends, outliers, and key business drivers.

“QuickSight is a fast, scalable, serverless, easy-to-integrate Business Intelligence service with ML capabilities built specifically for the cloud. It is easy to use, has high performance and response time, low maintenance and pay-as-you-go. Companies that use QuickSight can take advantage of all these benefits and make their organization’s data available in a simple, democratized and understandable way”, says Marcos Sobrino, Lead Data Analyst at Keepler.

Keepler uses Quicksight to help organizations derive valuable insights from large volumes of structured and unstructured data to improve decision making and drive better results. With this validation, Keepler identifies itself as a QuickSight partner with expertise and deep knowledge in this specific AWS service, a validation that only 10 companies in Europe have. 

“At Keepler we have extensive experience in the field of data visualization in QuickSight, we have implemented it in descriptive and predictive analytics projects and use cases for clients in various industries. It really is a tool that offers the necessary functionalities for data to become a valuable asset in the organization at any level, facilitating answers to business questions”, adds Esteban Alvarez, Principal Business Development at Keepler. 

Keepler’s evolution as an AWS partner positions it as one of the leading companies in data exploitation in the public cloud. It is currently an Advanced Consulting Partner and has Data & Analytics and Machine Learning competencies. In addition, Keepler is an Immersion Day Partner, which recognizes Keepler as an advanced consulting partner and qualified to deliver training and technical immersions to customers; the recognition as Amazon EMR Service Delivery Partner, which reinforces Keepler’s commitment to lead the development of advanced data analytics products on the AWS public cloud in the European market; validation for the AWS Security Hub, which recognizes Keepler’s high commitment to security and data handling; inclusion in the Service Delivery Program and Solution Provider Program; and now, with the validation of Amazon QuickSight, the company is accredited as a partner that ensures expertise and best practices with QuickSight.


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    Software company specialized in the design, construction and operation of digital data products based on cloud computing platforms.