The company specialized in advanced data analytics presents its brand in the country and appoints Pedro Matos as Head of Business Development.

Keepler Data Tech, a full-stack analytics services company, starts operations in Portugal and will count, as business manager of this unit, with Pedro Matos, a professional with over 20 years of experience in the management of technology teams (Telco Eng & Ops, IT and Data) and who in recent years has led the design of data ecosystems to enable Digital & Analytics environments in organizations.

Keepler lands in Portugal to offer its services of transition to the public cloud, Data & Analytics modernization, artificial intelligence technologies for data exploitation and construction of data products. It will also make available to Portuguese companies and entities its new Data Management Consulting service, a division that has just been launched to complete an offering that covers the entire data lifecycle in the organization.

“We are a new brand in Portugal, so we have to establish relationships that allow us to gain the trust of our customers. Currently, there is a lot of competition and we need to differentiate ourselves based on our vision of facilitating the exploration and building of data products in the public cloud,” acknowledges Pedro Matos. “Our challenge in the first six months is to clearly and transparently communicate our vision and convey the added value we can bring to companies.”

The multinational’s first objective in the country will be to offer clients its technological and consulting capabilities and provide them with autonomy in the management and exploitation of their data, thus reinforcing their digitization and data-driven approach. As for its forecasts and expectations for the first year, Keepler aims to close the year with a portfolio of 10 clients and consolidate a local team, in order to double its results in terms of revenue by 2023.

Since Keepler started operations in 2018, the company has not stopped growing. In just three years, Keepler has a staff of more than 110 employees, operates in Iberia (Spain and Portugal) and the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) and has already developed more than 200 projects for large customers from various sectors.  The company is a partner of the three main public cloud platforms on the market: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. It stands out, especially, for having acquired the Advanced Consulting Partner level in AWS, as well as competencies in Machine Learning, Data & Analytics and Security; and the Gold partner level in Azure in Cloud Platform, Data Analytics, Data Platform and DevOps. Keepler’s capabilities and expertise in cloud environments position it as a worldwide reference integrator.

Keepler has just added a new service to its offer: Data Management Consultancy, which offers a consultative vision of the best practices of data management, with the aim of helping companies to outline their digital strategies from the initial stages of the projects.

“After many projects building sophisticated cloud-based data products, the biggest learning has been that 90% of the problems are not technical, but affect the lack of maturity of organizations, in terms of data management,” indicates Juan María Aramburu, CEO of Keepler Data Tech. “Our new Data Management Consulting service is completely synergistic with our technical capabilities and provides a qualitative leap in our ability to support clients.”

Data Management Consultancy is specially designed to provide added value through the right approach to data projects, the use of a better organization and management of data, as well as a previous reflection and planning of resources to operate in the most convenient way for the business, allowing companies to be guided by data (data-driven companies). 

This project will be led by Moisés Dueñas, Data Management Consultancy Lead at Keepler, who states that: “we are sure that our portfolio of services will be enhanced with the data management consultancy work, because we will be able to help different companies to boost their growth in a simpler and more structured way”.


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