End-to-end Platform on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure enables the possibility of building a complete end-to-end cloud platform for the development and deployment of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions

Capabilities in Microsoft Azure Solutions

Azure Databricks

Quick, easy and collaborative analysis service based on Apache Spark. 

Azure Functions

Systems integration and back-end process execution in response to events or schedules without the need to provision or manage servers. 

Event Hub

Service that allows bulk ingest of small data inputs, usually from devices and sensors, to process and redirect the data. 

SQL Data Warehouse

Cloud-based enterprise data warehouse (EDW) that uses massively parallel processing (MPP) to quickly execute complex queries on petabytes of data. 

Azure Blob Storage

Object storage service for use cases such as cloud applications, content delivery, backup, archiving, disaster recovery and big data analysis. 

Power BI

Business intelligence tool that allows you to create visualizations, to make ad-hoc analysis and produce business insights from data. 

Why Microsoft Azure for Data Projects?

A One-Stop Hub for Big Data and AI Solutions

Microsoft Azure provides a complete platform for the development and deployment of end-to-end Big Data and AI solutions. From services of real time data ingestion from sensors or devices, to a complete set of Machine Learning, Knowledge Mining or Cognitive services, including massive storage or data visualization services. Azure is also a leading cloud provider in compliance, privacy and security.

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At Keepler we are specialists in Microsoft Azure

Keepler is a Microsoft Gold partner in Microsoft’s Cloud Platform, Data Platform, Data Analytics and DevOps competencies. Our technical specialists have proven experience in complex Big Data and AI projects on the public cloud for enterprise customers, with specific Big Data certifications in Azure.

Azure Cloud Benefits

Operational excellence

Execution and monitoring of systems in order to provide business value and constantly improve processes. 


Information and systems protection. Some main points are the confidentiality and integrity of the data, the identification and the administration of permissions. 


Ability to prevent failures and quickly recover from them to meet business and customer demand.


Efficient use of communication resources, storage, etc. Optimizing the resources dimension choice and its performance monitorisation.


Proportion of time that the system is in correct working order. Azure offers a high commitment to service-level agreements.


Through the use of Azure, costs can be significantly reduced: pay-per-use, automation and reduction of operating costs.

Managed services

Such as Blob Storage, Data Lake, Power BI, no management by an operations team is required.

Recommended optimization

Azure Advisor offers us the best practices for the correct management of workloads in Azure.

Do you want to take the step to Microsoft Azure’s public cloud?

Contact us and we will give you advise on your specific use cases.

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