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Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers great technological capabilities and some of the most advanced cloud computing services. Modernize your applications, make better informed decisions with advanced analytics and make the leap to artificial intelligence. Google Cloud has the solution you need to move your organization forward. According to information gathered by Gartner, companies such as Spotify, HSBC, Carrefour, Orange or Etsy are already taking advantage of the capabilities of Google Cloud, a leading platform in computing and advanced analytics.

Capabilities in Google Cloud Solutions

Industry solutions

Specific solutions for large sectors such as Retail, Manufacturing, Telco, Financial Services, Energy or Healthcare. Companies of all sizes and sectors already rely on Google Cloud as their technology provider.

Artificial Intelligence

The services and technology that cover the life cycle of ML models and provide ‘ready-to-use’ services, such as AI Platform and its native MLOps approach, are distinctive. AI Contact Center and AI Document solutions are based on years of experience and research in AI.

Application modernization

Interface for the creation of containers either managed or through Kubernetes clusters. Make the leap to the cloud with Google Cloud’s “Lift & Shift” services and with the confidence of having a real return on investment due to its lower infrastructure cost and operational savings.

Smart Analytics

Unique integration between the different data storage and query services, making it possible to build applications for BI and advanced analytics without making great efforts to configure, manage or maintain the services. With BigQuery, Dataflow, Cloud Storage you can perform SQL queries to any type of data, even in streaming and even in different clouds thanks to BigQuery Omni. 


Google Cloud and serverless are synonymous. From the deployment of applications with App Engine and Cloud Run, to Smart Analytics using the powerful Dataflow service or the unbeatable Cloud DataWarehouse Google BigQuery. Focus on your business and do not spend resources on unnecessary and costly operations or maintenance.

Multi-Cloud & Hybrid-Cloud

Anthos is a market-leading platform for a real multi-cloud approach. Anthos enables organizations to have a single unified control and monitoring interface, while allowing the deployment of applications, analytical models and ML in any cloud (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud) or on-premium or edge ecosystems.

Why to choose Google Cloud

as your Cloud Provider


Technological solutions

Google Cloud provides technological solutions for diverse challenges, facilitating advancement in your use case, generating business opportunities, and aligning actions with your company’s strategic objectives.


Innovative Tools

With a rich history of problem-solving, Google offers a toolset that lets you focus on your business, relying on the innovation capabilities of a leading R&D-intensive company.


Global Network for Differential Computing

Leveraging the world’s best communications network, Google enables differential computing services globally, making the Google Cloud Platform an ideal ecosystem for addressing business challenges.


Cost-Effective Development

Google’s commercial offer ensures cost savings, lighter/faster technology development, and robust support for various use cases. 

Our Partnership with Google

AWS Premier Tier Services Partner Badge

Keepler has numerous certifications in the Google Cloud platform in such important aspects as the architecture of Cloud platforms, Big Data & Analytics, SysOps or Machine Learning. It has demonstrable experience in the construction of analytical platforms for multinational companies that prove his commitment to the development of projects and data products in Google. Keepler is committed to serverless strategies in the design of enterprise architectures and recognizes the differential capabilities of Google Cloud in this area. We are Google Cloud Partner and we know in depth the capabilities of the platform in Artificial Intelligence and Smart Analytics.

Google Cloud Benefits

The most robust and secure platform

It builds on the same platform as Google with the highest standards of security, privacy and total transparency. Deploy your solutions to data centers with up to six security rings.

Cutting-edge technologies and innovation at your service

Get better insights from your data with Google Cloud’s Smart Analytics and IA solutions. Whether it’s a Data Lake solution, Data Warehouse or streaming data use cases, Google Cloud has the services and solutions that fit your needs best after years of innovation and billion-dollar investments.

Unlimited scaling

Google Cloud has deployed the best communications network on the planet and infrastructure services on it. The elasticity, security, speed and reliability of Google’s infrastructure is explained by services and applications that make use of it such as Gmail, Youtube, Spotify, Etsy…

Anti vendor lock-in strategy

Organizations need a cloud-agnostic strategy and Google Cloud is the only provider that offers a suite of open-source and multi-cloud services ready to be easily portable and maintainable.

The most competitive cloud offering

Cloud migration strategies promise fixed cost savings and return on investment. Google Cloud ensures that these objectives are met through the most competitive pricing in infrastructure, storage and data processing.

Build in the cloud without environmental impact

Using Google Cloud, you contribute to maintain an environmentally sustainable ecosystem because Google does not generate carbon footprint on the planet with its operations and bets to use only renewable energy very soon. 

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