About us

Our vision contemplates a near future where companies base their operations and decision-making on data. These data and its processing is produced in the cloud. The use of the data is closely connected with the company’s products, these data-based and software-based products are considered the “Data Products”. The data is not static, and the products are continuously and quickly adapted to the customer’s needs, even learning how to deliver more value to the customer in an unattended way.

Keepler’s mission is to transform our customers’ data production model and generate business value through the agile construction of Data Products.


We believe in the value of people above all else and our way of working is a reflection of this philosophy that is shared by all.

  • We believe in young talent and in people who enjoy technology.
  • We want people with different qualities, restless, with a desire to learn, to explore and to implement new technologies to add value to each project.
  • We invest in continuous training and professional development.
  • We encourage a team culture based on generosity.
Keepler’s Manifest

Our manifesto is a statement of intent on how is the organizational culture at Keepler and the values that underpin it is. We are an organic company aware that nothing is immovable and that constant review of what we do and how we do it is key to continuing to improve and to being a different company.


We advocate a relationship of transparency both among ourselves and with our clients. Every decision affects everyone, so it’s best to share it.


Above all, we want to enjoy what we do. Respect and generosity among us will lead to better results.


Leadership must be emerging and any employee can take the initiative in certain situations.

Continuous Improvement

We do things right, but you can always do better. We encourage our teams to excel in every project.

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