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Trends 2023: Data Management becomes indispensable to move forward on the data journey

By |22 de December de 2022|Categories: Data|Tags: , , , |

Data Management is one of the most trendy topics in recent months. Many data initiatives have been developed without good foundations or structures to [...]

Trends 2023: OKRs will drive business and employee value proposition will be the differentiating factor

By , |20 de December de 2022|Categories: Agile|Tags: , , , |

If we analyse the state and trend of agile frameworks or practices in organisations, we are going to base ourselves on a widely used [...]

Trends 2023: Data and AI move hand in hand towards an increasingly enabling environment

By |15 de December de 2022|Categories: Data|Tags: , , |

As the digitalisation process of companies accelerates, the main strategies to improve margins and reduce costs involve the evolution of three main aspects in the [...]

Trends 2023: 6 keys for public cloud providers

By , , |12 de December de 2022|Categories: Cloud|Tags: , , , , , |

During 2023, the main cloud providers will seek to consolidate and improve the services they offer to their customers, while exploring new ways of business [...]

Keepler is the first EMEA partner qualified to implement the AWS D2E program

By |22 de November de 2022|Categories: Corporate|Tags: , , , |

The results achieved through digital transformation using databases, analytics, AI and ML are now within the reach of all companies. Organizations know this, in [...]