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Large Language Model: the new chatbots with a boost thanks to Generative AI

By |27 de June de 2023|Categories: AI|Tags: , , |

Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the most relevant research fields within computer science. This area is dedicated to finding the best way to [...]

Press Release: Keepler appoints Ramiro Manso as Head of Generative AI in a firm commitment to this technology

By |13 de June de 2023|Categories: Business|Tags: , , |

Keepler Data Tech, an advanced data analytics company in the cloud, reinforces its commitment to Generative AI-based solutions by appointing Ramiro Manso, Data Lead of [...]

How Google Cloud and Keepler lead sustainability in the IT industry

By |12 de June de 2023|Categories: Business|Tags: , , , |

The Cloud will lead organisations’ sustainability goals In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, sustainability has become a priority for companies in all sectors. [...]

CodeWhisperer: AWS AI for writing a faster, more reliable and more secure code

By |6 de June de 2023|Categories: AI|Tags: , , , |

The AWS stack of services now has a tool that helps develop a code up to 57% faster, according to a productivity challenge conducted by [...]