Understanding Data Mesh, the new trend to solve (almost) all data issues

Throughout the following whitepaper we will talk about Data Mesh. The idea of this concept is to eliminate, or at least minimize, the constraints of the monolithic and centralized approaches that have been used in Data Platform Architectures, Data Management and in Data Teams. Data Mesh proposes the adoption of a decentralized model based on a distributed architecture and on the responsibility of the business areas (domains) over their data (decentralization of governance roles). Essentially, it refers to the concept of breaking down Data Lakes and Data Warehouses into smaller, more decentralized portions.

    Data protection: The data controller is Keepler Data Tech S.L. Your data is collected for the purpose of being able to respond to your requests for information, without disclosing your data to any third parties. You have the right to know what information we store about you, to correct it or erase it as explained in the Privacy Policy.

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