Well-Architected Framework

In Amazon Web Services

The AWS Well-Architected Framework provides a set of guidelines and best practices to help cloud professionals optimize and design their workloads and operate them efficiently in the AWS cloud. By adopting this framework, we can build and deploy solutions in the cloud in a more secure and efficient way, and, above all, we make informed decisions, all in line with AWS best practices.

This framework includes a comprehensive overview of techniques and tools that are widely known and used, grouping them into five pillars and reviewing and applying them in order to extract a list of KPIs and metrics that allow us to objectively assess our use of the AWS public cloud services.

The 5 pillars of the WAF

The five pillars cover the basics of cloud architecture. Each includes a series of design principles that will be demonstrated during the process.

Operational excellence

Running and monitoring systems to deliver business value and constantly improving processes.


Focused on protecting information and systems. Key topics include confidentiality, data integrity, and identifying and managing permissions.


The ability to avoid errors and recover from them quickly, to meet business and customer demand.

Performance efficiency

Focused on efficient use of resources in computing, storage, etc. Key topics include optimizing the selection of correctly-sized resources and monitoring their performance.

Cost optimization

Focused on avoiding unnecessary costs and controlling where money is being spent.

Business Benefits of the Well-Architected Framework


The five pillars ensure your solution is analyzed from a holistic perspective. This covers everything from security to performance, including cost reduction.


The framework has a dual approach: the use of high-performance resources (HPC lens); and sustainability and reducing operating costs (Serverless lenses).


It lets you leverage the democratization of a leading cost optimization and reduction tool designed by AWS.


It is an iterative framework based on a constant cycle of learning, measurement and improvement, adaptable to new and future technologies.


This includes professional solutions from inside and outside the AWS services catalog that help improve monitoring, resilience, costs and performance in a constant and illuminating way.


With the recently released console tool, all the work remains in the AWS account and all the effort and reports are logged and visible.

Why trust Keepler?

Experience designing cloud architectures since 2012

We have cloud specialists who have seen the AWS platform evolve from its very beginnings. Our cloud leaders have been working on real projects in the public cloud since 2012.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner in just 8 months

Keepler obtained the AWS Advanced Consulting Partner level In just 8 months, ensuring its high level of expertise and technical excellence with the platform. This achievement earned us the Rising Star Award at the 2018 AWS Spain Partner Awards.

Well-Architected Partner in under 1 year

In less than 1 year we joined the Well-Architected Partner Program, an AWS program dating back to 2017 to recognize companies with the capacity to evaluate AWS cloud architectures with the best practices.

+90% of Keepler’s technical specialists are certified

Technical excellence is our priority, and training our technical teams lets us guarantee our customers the best professionals in the sector.

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