Do your data have different structures that make them difficult to process? 

Over 80% of company data is unstructured and less than 1% is analyzed. Keepler has developed Unstructured Data Insights (UDI), a solution based on Artificial Intelligence and Serverless technology to get the maximum value of your data.

UDI is a framework that streamlines the development of data products

It extracts information and insights from unstructured data in multiple formats and from multiple sources, combining one or more extraction models together with business logic (such as rules, data enrichment from other sources) resulting in processed data converted into relevant and valuable information for decision making.

  • Documents

  • Emails & attachments

  • Conversations

  • Image & video

  • Audio files

  • Log files

  • Social media

  • Surveys & reviews

Flexible to extend to unlimited use cases versus closed solutions.

Integration with corporate systems and reuse of learning models.

Modular and executable on demand for a more efficient consumption model.

Identify your use case and start to understand your data.

UDI offers 4 basic software modules, evolutionary and personalized, for analysis of unstructured data that allows processing of data in text, audio / voice, video / picture formats and inputs originated from IoT devices. Each of them is the base from which to develop complete software products that solve concrete use cases for any sector or industry.

Analyses text and classifies emails and documents, including attachments, with extraction of topics and entities as well as intention and feeling. 

Transforms audio into text, detecting different speakers and languages, extracting relevant information, classifying topics and validating messages. 

Identifies situations and key objects in both photo and video format for incident systems, alarms, accidents… 

Integrates multiple IoT data sources, monitors and analyzes millions of devices at once in real time or near real-time.

Benefits of using UDI 

as an unstructured data platform versus a traditional pipelines approach.

Problem-solving with unstructured data
Scalable and cost-aligned with use
Orchestration of different applications
Data model reuse
Launch of on-demand and scheduled applications
Allows for long-term tasks
Integrated with business apps
Reuse of safety and monitoring
Allows the use of services from other clouds
There is a real opportunity to extract value from unstructured data.

UDI is the framework capable of managing all the unstructured data of your company.

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