The solution to analyze all your business data

UDI is a cloud platform that uses artificial intelligence to extract and analyze all information of value from documents, invoices, emails, feedback, social networks, audios, and videos.

Why use UDI?

Imagine being able to perform tasks avoiding manual work and in minutes instead of hours.


  • Extraction of key information from documents to reduce manual inspection time.
  • Classification and automatic assigning of emails.
  • Reviewing of contracts, regulations, bulletins, etc., with the option of extracting summaries and comparisons with previous versions.
  • Analysis of free text fields classifying content through the extraction of key words.

Customer service

  • Automatic classification of emails and assigning to the most appropriate area.
  • Identification of call types to assign these to the most appropriate operator.
  • Identification of customers to assign the most appropriate promotion or retention action.
  • Transcription of audio files with identification of fields.
  • Automated telephone reservations.

Revision of damages and quality

  • Identification of damages or malfunctioning of machinery or infrastructure through the capturing of images or audio recordings.
  • Revision of finished products in search of faults to comply with quality standards.

Image recognition

  • Facial recognition to identify customers and perform check-in/check-out online.
  • Identification of safety elements and compliance with regulations in work spaces in industrial environments.
  • Analysis of photos and videos in expert report processes in the insurance field.

Data transcription

  • Identification of specific fields such as identity document number, dates, telephone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • Sales team reports and entry in CRM.

Detection of insight and topics

  • Extraction of relevant information from the social networks.
  • Analysis of feedback and feelings of users.
  • Identification of topics of interest for the generation of content.

This is how UDI works

Why only treat 20% of your business data, being able to treat 100% and get all the value?

Client cases

Insurance company

An insurance company that receives over 100,000 messages a month via email in relation to requests, queries, claims, etc. An expert team must check each of them and assign them to the corresponding department.

UDI helped this company to automate this analysis, reducing the costs and time dedicated to this repetitive but indispensable task with classification precision of over 90% and reducing the number of emails checked by 20% in recognizing some of these as spam.



in the classification

Electric company

An electric company that needs to pay special attention to maintenance and must identify damage to its infrastructures and indicate the identity and type to its operating teams.

UDI helped this company to make the maintenance process more efficient, with savings of over 70%, in addition to reduced waiting times in the process and increased safety for the operators themselves.



Security company

A security company that needed to automatically digitize an enormous number of invoices, which also needed to be integrated and checked against its RPA.

UDI allowed this company to extract key information from its invoices in an automated, intelligent manner and in several languages, with an extraction precision percentage of over 90%, in addition to carrying out automatic actions like sending to and integration into its ERP.



in the extraction

Why choose UDI?


It extends use cases without limit as opposed to closed solutions.


Easy integration with corporate systems and reusing of learning models.

On demand

Modular and can be run on demand for more efficient consumption.


It extends use cases without limit as opposed to closed solutions.


You don’t have to worry about infrastructures so you can focus on what adds value.

Cross industry

Applies solutions and use cases to different types of industry.

Contact us and find out what UDI can contribute to your business case.

    Data protection: The data controller is Keepler Data Tech S.L. Your data is collected for the purpose of being able to respond to your requests for information, without disclosing your data to any third parties. You have the right to know what information we store about you, to correct it or erase it as explained in the Privacy Policy.