We are the extension of your team.

Not having your own staff trained in these technologies should not be a reason to miss the digital wave. Data Teams allow you to have complete teams for the creation of data products that help you drive continuous improvement of your organization and evolve into a data-driven company.

Our teams will provide you with the ability to carry out disruptive projects that solve real business problems and enable you to scale powered by a data-driven culture. In addition, our iterative approach will allow you to see results in a few weeks and make decisions based on them.

A dedicated Data Team for your data products.

Data Governance Consultant

We accompany you from the beginning with a specialist in your sector and add a technological vision to your business needs.

Data Cloud Architect

The architect of your cloud infrastructure is essential to design and create the strategy and the pillars on which the project will be based.

Data Engineer

The best data engineering to set up the structure for the appropriate collection, storage, transformation and management.

Automation Engineer

It will turn your infrastructure into a maximally efficient environment that will improve all production processes.

Analyst and Data Scientist

Specialists in processing and extracting value from data. The ones responsible for turning your data from simple stored information into drivers of your business.

Scrum Master

Keeps the team and stakeholders aligned to the objective, guaranteeing the continuous contribution of value.

Highly qualified specialists

We have a high technical requirement and we have the best engineers and architects in public cloud. More than 100 certifications in AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud public clouds.

Real experience in different industries

Our professionals have extensive real-world experience in sectors such as telco, energy, retail, utilities, insurances, banking, media…

Delivering value from the first few weeks

You won’t have to wait months to see performance and profitability, our iterative approach will allow you to see results within weeks and make decisions based on them.

We are specialists in data technologies

We analyze your business needs and define more key use cases to bring value and get results early.


We configure the team based on technical needs and challenges.


We started working together in a collaborative model guided by agile practices that allow us to always have all stakeholders aligned.

Know-how and real experience

Keepler has a team of professionals who develop custom public cloud-based digital products that integrate data governance and security, data analytics, data engineering and cloud automation to achieve measurable business objectives.

We help you transform into a data-driven company

We provide managed services and full stack analytics focused on big data and machine learning solutions.

We provide services to large companies in all market sectors.

We exclusively use hyperscale public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure and GCP). We have more than 100 cloud certifications and a high level of competence in public cloud providers.

Based in Madrid, Lisbon, Frankfurt and London, we are present in the Iberia region (Spain and Portugal), the DACH region (Austria, Switzerland and Germany) and the UK market, which allows us to easily serve the whole of Europe.

Who have already trusted us

They are very competent. Their workers are very professional and high-talented with lots of skill in cloud infrastructure, cloud computing and Machine Learning. 

Data Scientist Lead, Transportation Company

They are a very solid team with serious knowledge of data science, algorithms, model training, and model scalability. They work with a high level of best practices in the field of development.

CTO, Retail Company

They have a very qualified team of professionals that make them manage and complete projects with a very high degree of satisfaction. Their knowledge of cloud services is very powerful and they always advise the best way to make the products more efficient and easier to manage.

Data Engineer Lead, Entertainment Company

Hire a Remote Data Team and adapt the technology to the real needs of your business. Contact us and let’s talk.

    Data protection: The data controller is Keepler Data Tech S.L. Your data is collected for the purpose of being able to respond to your requests for information, without disclosing your data to any third parties. You have the right to know what information we store about you, to correct it or erase it as explained in the Privacy Policy..