Immersion Days

Specialize your team in Amazon Web Services

Keepler offers intensive trainings to deepen your expertise in Amazon Web Services without any cost for your company. These sessions are specially designed to train the teams or departments at medium- and large-sized companies that are leading the digital transformation of their organization, in any sector.


General introduction to the cloud services offered by AWS: EC2, documentation, resources, monitoring, logging, security, best practices in cloud architecture, networking tools, storage and databases.


Introduction to the basics of machine learning, the data science process, algorithms and AWS services. Practical experience with Apache MXNet, Jupyter Notebook and Amazon Lex, as well as the methodologies and technologies for tackling business challenges.


A complete overview of the entire process of building a Serverless Data Lake in AWS, as well as the ingestion, analysis and subsequent harnessing of those data. Practical experience with AWS data engineering services, such as Amazon Kinesis, AWS Glue, Amazon Athena and Amazon Quicksight.


Fully personalized sessions led by our Solutions Architects and Account Managers, focusing on specific use cases and better understanding the solutions offered by AWS to connect, obtain, store and analyze data from cloud devices.


Fully personalized sessions led by our Solutions Architects and Account Managers, focused on your company’s specific use cases, making it possible to accelerate the configuration of safe AWS environments with multiple accounts, based on best practices.


Building expertise in using the largest computing platform in the AWS cloud for large-scale data storage and analysis. Led by our Solutions Architects and Account Managers, these sessions are focused on addressing your company’s specific use case.


Building expertise in using the leading native Big Data platform in the cloud, for processing large volumes of data quickly and profitably. Sessions focused on addressing your company’s specific use case with Business Intelligence.


Session aimed at learning about the most advanced and sophisticated administrative services offered by AWS, such as AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Step Functions, Amazon Kinesis, and others. With the perspective of inspiring development teams and changing the approach to configuring traditional server-based applications.


Practical session focused on the analytics and Big Data services offered by AWS for building future-proof serverless data lakes in pipelines with native cloud. The session is focused on the batch data processing layer of Lambda Architecture.

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Why trust Keepler for your Immersion Days?

We are a Premier Tier Consulting Partner with several competencies and we are accredited Partners of AWS Immersion Days.

We are AWS Experts with 90% certified technicians, including specific certifications in Big Data. Our Architects have seen AWS advance and change over its entire history, giving them deep knowledge and expertise in the platform.

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