Artificial Intelligence
for automatic classification of emails and documents

Manual mail processing and document handling is expensive, slow and prone to error.
Keepler’s classification solution is based on artificial intelligence to solve this problem.

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E-TAG is a framework that allows artificial intelligence to be applied to documentary processes by addressing two of the main problems presented by this use case: large-scale automatic learning and the complexity of processing unstructured data to obtain relevant information. These challenges are particularly relevant in areas such as:

  • Customer service: requiring the analysis of multiple sources of information (such as reviews, social networks, forms), with diverse structures and classifications and with exponential growth.
  • Corporate areas: where extensive and delocalised documentation is available, in terms of both origin and format (email bodies, attachments, .xls, .pdf, .txt files).

The Keepler solution allows document pipelines and applications to be constructed, that use both new models and data models that have already been trained for other applications and are therefore easily adaptable and increasingly reliable. The pipelines are highly configurable, allowing more models to be added in order to obtain additional information or the most appropriate information to the current need of the case. E-TAG is built on the public cloud using the latest technologies, functionalities and potential.

Multiple formats

Processing of open text emails, with and without formatting, and extraction from the main body and attachments. Automatic OCR of attachments, intents and feeling.

Total integration

Integration with the company’s own systems and processes and those of different areas or departments.

Personalised configuration

Classification by type (eg spam, report, request), by subject (eg car, home) and categories defined by the company.

Maximum security

Security and privacy adjusted according to need and based on the requirements established by the company itself.


Time-to-know is accelerated with a deployment that requires only a few days and performs custom model training and integration with the company’s systems very quickly.


It grows according to your needs thanks to its modular architecture to add or remove custom features very easily. It starts with a simple need and evolves to more complex needs.


Pay only for what you use because the solution is based on the pay-per-use cloud philosophy. The cloud’s native technology allows unlimited scaling and processing of thousands of emails simultaneously and in real time.

The unstructured data analysis framework solution that allows analysis of information in text, audio, voice, video and image formats.
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