Artificial Intelligence
for voice audio analysis

Big Data and Machine Learning technologies are revolutionizing different areas where they can provide value from data extracted from audio files.

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Sound.AI is a framework that allows artificial intelligence techniques to be applied to voice audios, via a pipeline of AI models on cloud architectures, combined with other third party tools, such as neural networks and natural language processing, which further enhance its analytical and data exploitation capabilities.

The models available are easily adaptable to customer needs; and the higher the audio quality, the greater the reliability. In addition, the pipeline allows for high configuration, thus enabling more models to obtain additional or more appropriate information for the actual case need.

The pipeline designed by Keepler uses cloud infrastructures and solutions. It is composed of five processing modules that perform eight different analyses on the audio data and automatically execute different processing modules and store the information in a database in the cloud. Fully automatic and scalable, the system allows for massive parallel processing of thousands of audio files, accelerating time-to-know. The information obtained is stored in a database that can be exploited with numerous business intelligence products.


Fast processing and full scalability to process thousands of audio files in parallel.

Full automation

No need for servers for operation and maintenance, thanks to complete automation.

Defined pipeline

Orchestrated so that each pipeline follows defined steps to perform all necessary analyses.

Speed of development

Solution deployment in a matter of days and new modules are easily evolved and adapted.


Detects the language of the audio for automatic cataloguing, such when calls are made to a multi-language call centre, for example.


Automatically transcribes audio files to generate text, including the ability to separate conversations featuring different voices and speakers.


It identifies the audio type in order to generate relevant information and for classification based on the content and frequency of the typology, allowing for quicker automation of processes and provision of solutions.

The unstructured data analysis framework solution that allows analysis of information in text, audio, voice, video and image formats.
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