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Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are key components of the new paradigm of the connected world.

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“While IoT is the digital nervous system, AI becomes the brain that makes decisions which control the overall system. The lethal combination of AI and IoT brings us AIoT – Artificial Intelligence of Things.”
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AIoT facilitates business opportunities from the exploitation of data from connected devices. The combination of data ingestion with Edge Computing capabilities and the public cloud confronts latency or connectivity challenges experienced by different sectors, especially Industry 4.0, where the use of sensor data has special relevance.

Construction of Data Lakes in the cloud is key. Data lakes centralise information from hundreds of thousands of installed sensors, integrating additional sources that enrich this information and allow the exploitation of data through advanced analytical processes, visualization and business intelligence tools.

  • Industrial sector: analysis of industrial spaces from different devices that generate thousands of data per minute and require a fast and/or predictive response.
  • Energy sector: monitoring and prediction of device failures.
  • Manufactoring processes: analysis and prediction of process interruption due to failure or wear, stock optimization…
  • Infrasructure: real-time monitoring and fault prediction.

The Keepler solution consists of a liquid platform designed to grow in volume and variety of data, which serves as the basis for building applications on a modular platform, whilst taking advantage of the benefits of the public cloud in terms of scalability, high availability and efficiency.


AIoT facilitates business opportunities from the exploitation of device data.


A modular approach allows custom features to be added or removed very easily, starting with a simple need and evolving to more complex needs.


You only pay for what you use because it is based on the pay-per-use cloud philosophy. Native cloud technology allows unlimited scaling.

The unstructured data analysis framework solution that allows analysis of information in text, audio, voice, video and image formats.
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