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We help you to find solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies to face the new normality in the business environment and to design the new reality in an efficient way. Now more than ever, make decisions based on data and supported by the competitive advantage that technology offers you.

Social and financial impact predictions caused by Covid-19

Keepler has developed a dashboard for monitoring and forecasting Covid-19 evolution in Spain. By incorporating macroeconomic and statistical data, we can establish scenarios to predict behaviours in certain areas, such as consumption, recovery, mobility, employment trends…

Likewise, by combining it with your company’s data, we can get closer in order to predict scenarios focused on a specific sector, offering answers to many of the current questions and uncertainties.

Consumption forecast by geographical areas. This information allows planning an adequate reopening of centers, reaching store / business granularity.

Financial estimation of customers’ payment capacity, allowing to take preventive measures against non-payment situations.

Preview of the demand and, therefore, being able to make sales predictions to determine the optimal production level according to different moments in time.

Analysis of trends in different sectors, as a result of the evolution of Covid-19, in order to make better decisions.

Estimation of fuel consumption based on geographic mobility predictions for the best supply calculation.

Seasonal mobility forecasts in order to plan the tourism season de-escalation and to organise the hospitality services.

Calculation, by industry, of the possible loss of customers due to lockdown and lifting of lockdown measures that could be applied in different stages.

Predictions on large purchases and investments in different markets, such as the automobile, housing or vacation industries.

Visual Analytics for prevention and safety

Different image-based solutions, with anonymous information, allow to improve security and comply with the main preventive measures against Covid-19. Whether in access protocols to certain industrial spaces, offices, leisure spaces, shops and large surfaces, such as during the performance thereof; It automates early detection of possible incidents. In case of detecting risk situations, notifications will be sent to the security area and employees in order to rectify the issues. Centralize all the information in dashboards to control KPIs and to comply with safety regulations.

Monitoring social distancing

It identifies risk situations by analyzing in a quickly and preventively way.

  • Non-compliance of the recommended distance between people at the work station.
  • Crowded areas that need to be decongested.

Mask detection in shared spaces

It verifies easily the compliance of regulations in some areas, such as mandatory mask-wearing to avoid infection and virus transmission.

Body temperature measurement

It analyzes quickly the body temperature of people who need to access to a closed and shared environments, validating the access automatically.

Preparing the Workplace for Returning Employees

Getting back to work after Covid-19, involves taking into account many external factors and internal decisions. Use the data and information of your company, the virus evolution and financial data, for planning the return in the most effective way and minimizing risks to your employees without undermining your performance.

Plan and notify your employees recommendations for their safety and remind them of mandatory behaviors in different environments.

Smart routes

Plan the possibilities of remote working and schedules, taking into account the capacity of the space, the distance travelled by employees, public transport…

Traceability of interactions

Group duties and work interactions so that you can make decisions regarding meetings and work environments while minimizing risks.

Risk situations evaluation

It records possible risk situations that occur in shared spaces due to non-compliance with safety guidelines and quickly draws up a plan of action and communication to employees, in the event that a positive case is detected.

Companies facing Covid-19


The sector will be very affected in terms of consumption. Therefore, the study of data to optimize resources and monitoring the evolution will be very useful, aswell as the prediction tools that they may have at their disposal. In addition, it will be essential to control compliance of security measures (social distance, use of masks…) in physical stores.


It will be very valuable for banks and financial institutions to have the ability to predict the impact caused by the Covid and other external factors, such as unemployment, cessation of activity, mortgages, credits… Detecting the risks of non-payment on time, and being able to make decisions accordingly, will mitigate the negative effects.


The tourism sector is one of the most affected in Spain, and its impact is directly linked to the evolution of other sectors. Predictions can help establish scenarios based on the reactivation of other services and do so by geographical areas, helping the industry to plan how to start operating.


Changes in our lifestyle can directly impact current services offered by the insurance sector. The need to personalize the insurance fee is now affected by the reduction of time away from home, vehicle use… Predictions will help the industry to detect income evolution and possible hiring patterns in customers.

Large investments

Large investments of families, such as housing, vehicles, holidays… suffer enormous impacts in this type of crisis, affecting the wider economy. Being able to use prediction to see future scenarios helps the decision-making process of companies in almost any sector.


Any sector has to plan the return of its employees to physical spaces. It becomes indispensable to ensuring tools that allow monitoring the behavior and automatically establish possible patterns of contagion to mitigate the damage.

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