Demand Forecasting in Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

Find out the future demand and optimize your storage, supply, and distribution capacities, saving money and maximizing profitability.

Unique time series

Apply it to modellable scenarios through a unique time series, for example the personnel needed in a warehouse over a period of time or the supply needs of a specific product.

Time series by product

Forecast demand according to N time series for each product, where you can estimate the individual demand for each product and facilitate stock adjustments in each case.

The demand prediction allows us to forecast the sales or consumption volume of a product over a future period of time.

The application of Machine Learning Technology offers the possibility of using predictive algorithms that provide greater precision than the traditional statistical methods. Based on advanced analytics and statistical models that are trained automatically and continuously through the input of new data, they guarantee a preview of sales in real time or near real time, helping to achieve the most efficient planning of processes, resources and investment.

In an environment of constant uncertainty, getting ahead of demand can be the difference between success and failure. Having automated tools that help human decision-making with the greatest possible precision is essential in corporate strategy and has a direct impact on the business.

Keepler has developed a demand prediction solution that can be customized to adapt to different business needs, eliminating the limitations of other both on-premise and cloud-based solutions in terms of data formats and algorithms. It uses own and third party data (market, meteorological, sociodemographic, etc.) that, analyzed thanks to the capacities of the public cloud, quickly provides reliable results.

  • Customizable

  • Reduces technical limitations

  • Uses own data and data from the environment

  • Fast time-to-market

Find out about the benefits of implementing predictive technology


Allows you to correctly proportion the necessary workforce, thus avoiding overstaffing or understaffing, in addition to optimizing the logistics in relation to maintenance and distribution.


Facilitates the planning of the space allocated to stock, in addition to better distribution of the product in different locations.


Avoid the wasting of resources and the deterioration of products by having a more accurate idea of short and medium-term demand or the demand for specific periods.


Anticipate the demand with greater knowledge of consumption patterns, allowing you to design offers and campaigns in line with the forecast data.

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