Covid-19 Dashboard

Consult daily evolution of Covid-19 in Spain by Autonomous Communities and the predictions according to SEIR models, one of the most used in the study of human-to-human transmission epidemics. Variations have been applied to adapt the forecasting method and to reflect the impact of the social containment measures established by the Government. 

Furthermore, we add socioeconomic information on the effect of the pandemic in Spain and international comparisons of figures and impact. Dashboard is currently available in Spanish.

Some data is currently unavailable due to the change in the way of reporting and the periodicity of updates. We will update as normal when the data is reported with the usual frequency

The German dashboard collects the evolution of Covid-19 in the country and in detail down to a regional level, in order to have an up-to-date view of the situation and an evolution of the most relevant parameters.

Socio-economic information on the effect of the pandemic in Germany and international comparisons of figures and impact of the first wave have also been included.

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