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Create your own Business Intelligence Ecosystem in AWS powered by Amazon QuickSight

What is Amazon Quicksight?

QuickSight uses pay-as-you-go pricing which means you will save up to 90% compared to traditional BI tools.

Amazon QuickSight is a fast, scalable, serverless, embeddable, machine learning powered Business Intelligence service built for the cloud, that makes easy to deliver insights to everyone in your organisation. QuickSight allows end users to create, publish and share interactive BI Dashboards powered with Machine Learning insights easily which can be accesible from any device and integrable into applications, portals and websites.

Keepler uses Quicksight to help organizations to get actionable insights from high volumes of structured and unstructured data that lead the best decisions which turn into better outcomes.

Easy to use

End users don’t need to be BI experts – Amazon QuickSight is an easy-to-use, intuitive Business Intelligence tool that targets all types of profiles.

High performance and time-response

Ensures that users don’t have to deal with slow dashboards during peak-hours, when multiple BI users are accessing the same dashboards or datasets.

Low maintenance

With QuickSight, there are no servers to provision and manage and no software to install, maintain, or operate.

Embed BI dashboards in your applications

It allows quickly embed interactive dashboards into your applications, websites, and portals. QuickSight provides a rich set of APIs and SDKs that allow you to easily customize the look and feel of the dashboards to match applications.

Machine Learning Insights

Amazon QuickSight leverages AWS’s proven machine learning (ML) capabilities, making it easy for BI teams to perform advanced analytics (what-if analyses, anomaly detection, ML-based forecasting, churn prediction etc.) without prior data science experience.

Answers in seconds

QuickSight Q uses machine learning to interpret the intent of a question and analyze the correct data to provide accurate answers to business questions quickly. Business intelligence (BI) teams no longer need to engage in the time-consuming process of updating multiple reports and dashboards every time a new business question arises.

Which use cases can be adressed with AWS Quicksight?


Modeling the Spread of Covid-19 Infection

Although new data on COVID-19 are available daily, information about the biological and epidemiological characteristics of COVID-19 remain limited, and uncertainty remains around nearly all parameter values.

Data Science

Anomaly Detection in Cryogenic Pumps

By observing abnormal behaviors in the data, maintenance can be scheduled before there has been a failure which would lead to loss of production and spoilage of gas.


Steering Knuckle Logistics Forecasting

The steering knuckle is a key and expensive component of the car. If there isn’t stock of this piece the whole factory has to stop. The car manufacturer wanted to forecast when the knuckles will arrive at the factories in two Spanish cities.

Big Data

Look-to-book Ratio Reduction Through Customer Segmentation and White-lists

A Bedbank is a wholesaler of hotel rooms. Travel agencies browse room and hotel availability through the Bedbank application. The customer wanted to reduce the
volume of searches by recommending a personalized set of hotels to each customer.

Benefits of using AWS Quicksight

Plug & Play

Log in to QuickSight, connect to a data source and start modelling your analyses and dashboards. Easily work with data to build visualizations, perform analysis, and get insights, regardless of your technical skill level.

User scalability

Amazon QuickSight has a serverless architecture that automatically scales to tens of thousands of users without the need to setup, configure, or manage your own servers.

Pay as you go

QuickSight offers a unique pay-per-session model for dashboard users. For just $0.30 for a 30-minute session, users can have access to secure, interactive dashboards eliminating upfront costs and costly licenses.

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