The solution to have detailed control and a business view of your public cloud expenditure

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If your technology infrastructure is developed in public cloud, are sure you have asked yourself these questions?
  • How can I monitor the usage of a cloud account?

  • How can I control the expenditure of a specific initiative?

  • And of all the initiatives in an area?

  • How can I have a complete view of usage and billing of my cloud expenditure?

  • How can I control the expenditure of my multi-cloud infrastructure?

Keepler Data Tech has developed a cost monitoring solution that can track usage, expenditure and billing of a multi-cloud environment of any size, ADVANCED BILLING TOOL.

An AWS Solution based on

to monitor public cloud costs from


ADVANCED BILLING TOOL provides understandable information to decision makers and all the details needed to tame the public cloud costs. It transforms the complex cloud billing information into meaningful data aligned with organizational and business concepts.

Providing an extra level of detail of cost and usage of cloud services. Cost outliers can easily be identified from large sets of cloud service instances providing an extra explainability of what is causing cost overrun.

Enabling self-analytics through a comprehensive set of reports and dashboards. You can unify AWS, GCP and Azure reports into a single tool deployed on Amazon Quicksight and receive daily reports in your inbox.

Implementing a detailed access control to enable different users to access to different views of the data. For example, financial controller, CoE Cloud manager, head of departments, providers, technicians… 

Highlighting the cost anomalies and providing relevant information to avoid a cost overrun. 

A tool for everyone

Anyone in the organization that needs to know and control the cost of cloud resources, can benefit from this solution.

Advanced Billing Tool also allows you to set various levels of permissions on what each user can and cannot see. 

Get an overview of all your billing costs
Control all your billing costs in a simple and unified way. All in a single report, with charts and tables that will allow you to easily control and monitor the evolution of your expenses.
  • Improve your cost monitoring

  • Unify all the information

  • Avoid cost overrun

  • Compare costs vs usage

  • Identify unusual peaks in your costs

  • See at a glance the efficiency of your resources

Do you want to implement ADVANCED BILLING TOOL in your organization to improve the management of your public cloud infrastructure?
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