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Generative AI

Improving engagement and productivity with Generative AI.

Two hands hold a plant with technological connections, representing the nature-technology synergy for efficient growth and progress.

Optimization & Efficiency

Driving sustainability through reduced consumption and associated costs.

Glowing data cube radiating power and potential, illuminating the impact of information in a digital age.

Data Management

Helping CDOs to discover and understand the business value of data.


Keepler has been selected AWS Partner of the Year 2023 for Iberia (Spain and Portugal)


What makes us different

“We make our customers more competitive, agile, and resilient by integrating data into corporate processes in the form of data products.”

Business value co-creation

End-to-end capacity of data lifecycle delivery

Highly Skilled Cloud-Native Team

Flexible and Agile Delivery

Client Self-Sufficiency empowerment

Latest Client Stories

We work with leading companies in different sectors, including manufacturing, retail, telco, hospitality, banking, insurance, energy, utilities, and pharma. You can see some of our main references here.

Our Services



Organizational Transformation

The who, the why, the what and the how of a data strategy.

  • Data Maturity Assessment
  • Data Office
  • Data Strategy & Roadmap
  • Data Democratization Assessment
  • Data Governance
  • Agile PMO

Cloud Data Platform

We design and deploy multimodal, automated and serverless cloud data platforms that follow security and cloud best practices.

  • Cloud Assessment & Optimization
  • Account Vending Machine
  • Cloud Data Migration
  • Cloud SRE & DataOps
  • Landing Zone
  • Native Data Platform
  • Cloud Center of Excellence

Data Democratization

We break data silos providing insights from data in the form of 360º Views and company-broad data access thru Data Vending Machines.

  • Data Vending Machine
  • Operations 360°
  • Customer 360°
  • Employee 360°
  • Business Intelligence
  • ML Ops

Data Activation

We industrialize the application of AI into business processes with actionable levers to enhance business outcomes continuously.

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Content Classification
  • Yield Management
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Stock Optimization
  • Energy Optimization
  • Scrap Rate Reduction
  • Location Optimization
  • Smart Pricing
  • Product Recommendation
  • Content Recommendation
  • Fraud Detection
  • Content Moderation
  • Automated Underwriting
  • Conversational Agent



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What our clients say about us …

Skilled Cloud & ML Experts

They are very competent. Their workers are very professional and high-talented with lots of skill in cloud infrastructure, cloud computing and Machine Learning.

– Data Scientist Lead, Transport Company –

Expert Data Science Team

They are a very solid team with serious knowledge of data science, algorithms, model training, and model scalability. They work with a high level of best practices in the field of development.

– CTO, Retail Company –

Highly Skilled Cloud Team

They are very competent. Their workers are very professional and high-talented with lots of skill in cloud infrastructure, cloud computing and Machine Learning.

– Advanced Analytics Lead, Insurance Company –

Highly Qualified Team

They have a very qualified team of professionals that make them manage and complete projects with a very high degree of satisfaction. Their knowledge of cloud services is very powerful and they always advise the best way to make the products more efficient and easier to manage.

– Data Engineer Lead, Entertainment Company –

Quality and Knowledge

They provide very valuable service based on quality and knowledge. Their consultants are highly skilled and know public cloud in depth.

– Global Head of Data Engineering & Tech Architecture, Banking Company –

Ideal Partner

Impeccable professionalism and market knowledge make Keepler an ideal partner for strategic projects in our company.

– Data Insight Lead, Travel & Tourism Company –

Extensive Data & AI Experience

Trusted company specialized in Cloud with extensive experience in the Data & AI field. We have been collaborating for several years on various initiatives with highly talented individuals both professionally and personally.

– Head of Data Engineering, Telco Company –

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We can make amazing things possible with
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