360 Digital Footprint

Knowing and understanding your clients

Most of the new challenges B2C business go through a 360 identifier that recognizes an individual in any corporate system.

What is a 360 ID? 

It is an ID for each customer, allowing to aggregate all footprints of an user into a unique identifier that enables a 360 degrees customer profiling.






And many other sources…

The unique customer identifier or 360 ID is obtained by reconstructing the historical timeline of interactions of all customers and sessions for each digital channel, applying a series of interacting algorithms that assign a unique value to each individual.

The importance of a 360 Identification

B2C companies face the challenge of interacting with end customers through multiple digital channels, each of which generates a footprint in the process. 

  • ID registration

  • Cookies

  • In-shop purchases

  • Call center

  • Loyalty programs

  • Last session date

  • Preferred room types

  • Number of children

  • Prediction model results

360 Digital Footprint 

a Product by Keepler that reinvents your existing system

Benefits of the solution for your B2C business

Aggregation of all customer footprints into a single ID.

Improved personalization of recommender systems.

Refined conversion rate.

Enhanced omnichannel customer experience.

Reduction in the cost of acquiring new customers. 

Upgraded system efficiency. 

Enablement of customer fidelization initiatives.

Increased revenues and improved profit margins.

Do you want to implement (or to enhance) your 360 Digital Footprint in your organization to offer better solutions to your customers and improve your profits?

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