Before January ends, and now that we have closed our annual results, we want to take a look back at how 2022 has gone at Keepler in terms of how the company has evolved.

Since launching the company in 2018, Keepler’s intention has been to grow with the goal of generating more impact for our customers and providing growth opportunities for our employees. During the pandemic period Keepler grew at a high rate which by 2022 we have doubled, achieving revenue growth over 2021 of 60%.

2020: +30% (first Covid year)
2021: +30% (second Covid year)
2022: +60%

Keepler intends to maintain a growth rate of close to 60% year-on-year in the coming years. With this objective in mind, we have undertaken important strategic changes, which have involved 3 key aspects:

1. We have added on board a Chief of Growth and Operations in the company, Sean Poulley, ex IBM and ex Cloudreach, who is leading a number of internal initiatives that have been identified as key for the next 3 years.

2. We are building a new go-to-market strategy capable of permeating all the countries we are in, based on:

  • a better knowledge of our customers and a layer of predictability on their evolution and life cycle.
  • a strategy of opening new accounts with a strong focus on long-term customer relationships and a closer relationship with partners to help us transfer our capabilities and reputation.

3. We are working on a process of scaling our culture as a differential value, both for the customer and for employees.

In addition, during the past 2022:

  • We started operations in the UK in September and, although we were already working for some UK subsidiary of Spanish companies, we won our first client before the end of the year.
  • We launched the Growth circle and the Partners circle.
  • We added 8 ideal clients to our portfolio, and a total of 26.

In terms of headcount, and bearing in mind the current difficulty in recruitment, we grew by 40%, exceeding 180 employees by the end of 2022. In addition, we have a voluntary turnover rate of 5.7%, which gives us a good position in terms of retention compared to other companies in our sector.

One of the measures that has allowed us to grow has been to make remote work a real option in the company and to maintain it despite the trend of returning to the office that is sweeping large companies. Being able to hire professionals regardless of their location is one of the indispensable levers to overcome the difficulty of recruiting the best professionals.

One of our objectives for 2023 will also be to focus on the internal growth within the company of those profiles with less experience, especially in the circles of cloud engineers and data specialists.

Attracting IT professionals, as well as keeping them connected and engaged to the company, is one of the great challenges in the coming year. With a market broken in terms of salary, high competitiveness and the need for differentiation in the benefits offered to employees, maintaining our policies of real flexibility and conciliation, remote work, adequate salary compensation and positioning the citizenK at the center of our decisions, will be aspects that we will maintain.

2022 has been an important year at Keepler, in which we have started to design the next years of the company. 2023 will be the turning point year in which we will start building Keepler 2.0.

Image: unsplash | name_ gravity


  • Adelina Sarmiento

    CMO at Keepler. "My experience is focused on corporate communications and B2B marketing in the technology sector. I work to position Keepler as a leading company in the field of advanced data analytics. I also work on a thousand other things to make Keepler a top company to work for."