The results achieved through digital transformation using databases, analytics, AI and ML are now within the reach of all companies. Organizations know this, in fact boards of directors are demanding that most companies become data-driven organizations.

But, historically, this challenge is perceived as overly complex and there are barriers to seeking specific solutions to specific problems through data. 

To remove these roadblocks to moving towards a data-driven organization, AWS has created the Data-Driven Everything program (D2E), designed to move faster, more accurately and with a much more ambitious scope to launch your own data flywheel.. 

Keepler has partnered with AWS for this mission, and has become the first partner in EMEA to be trained by AWS to implement the D2E program for clients, to help them move faster and more accurately using a people, process and technology-based approach to work. 

D2E: 2 workshops and 1 roadmap to accelerate the data-driven process, with no cost!

Do you have a data-driven use case in mind but don’t know how to approach it? AWS has designed a 3-phase methodology that will generate a framework for use cases and bring an MVP to production successfully: 

  1. Think Big. A business workshop that engages business and technology leaders to create a compelling vision. 
  2. Start Small. A technical workshop to design a product.
  3. Scale Fast. A complete assessment and a 6-9 month scalable roadmap with prioritized backlog. 

Data-Driven Everything is intended for those large, complex organizations that need to accelerate data projects, operate in the AWS cloud using its analytics services, and have the ability to deploy the output to impact the business. 

What are the benefits of D2E?

The iterative nature of the proposed cycle allows the technology to adapt to the business, not by building a complete architecture, but by establishing a rapid foundational architecture and principles that guarantee adaptation to constantly evolving needs.

Experimentation and deployment become fast and agile tasks, eliminating heavy lifting to focus on higher value areas. It allows you to think about a service and deploy it in production in just a few hours.

AWS services provide the technology needed to balance agility and data governance at scale, because companies need to build new capabilities easily, but also ensure data protection and control costs.

Do you want to know more and evaluate D2E as a solution to accelerate your data projects? Contact us and let’s talk.


  • Adelina Sarmiento

    CMO at Keepler. "My experience is focused on corporate communications and B2B marketing in the technology sector. I work to position Keepler as a leading company in the field of advanced data analytics. I also work on a thousand other things to make Keepler a top company to work for."