The goal is to help companies understand and manage their data from the early stages of the project

Keepler Data Tech, the multinational full-stack analytics company specializing in the development of data products in the public cloud, has just launched a new Data Consultancy division to complement its current technology services. Called Data Management Consultancy, the new business area will offer a consultative vision of data management focused on large companies that want to transform their information into value for business decision making. This launch coincides with a new corporate milestone related to its international expansion, the opening of a new office in Portugal to boost its organic growth in the Iberian Peninsula.

Both decisions reinforce the company’s strategic expansion and the objective of offering clients coverage of the complete data management cycle: from the migration phases to the cloud, to the modernization of Data & Analytics technologies, the productization of data products and the creation of ecosystems around data, all surrounded by an accompaniment in the construction of a Data Culture in the organization. Keepler’s new division will be in charge of facilitating its clients’ transition to a more intelligent, efficient and data-driven business model.

“After many projects building sophisticated cloud-based data products, the biggest learning has been that 90% of the problems are not technical, but have to do with the lack of maturity in corporate data management,” indicates Juan María Aramburu, CEO of Keepler Data Tech. “Our new Data Management Consulting service is completely synergistic, with our technical capabilities, and represents a qualitative leap in Keepler’s ability to support its clients.”

Data Management Consultancy is specially designed to bring added value through the right approach to data projects, the use of better organization and management of data, and thinking and planning to operate in a convenient way, allowing companies to be data-driven (data-driven companies).

This project will be led by Moisés Dueñas, Data Management Consultancy Lead at Keepler, who states that: “We are very pleased to continue growing our portfolio and we can safely say that, thanks to this new solution, we will be able to help different companies to boost their growth in a simpler and more structured way”. 

Since Keepler landed in Spain in 2018, the company has not stopped growing and now lands in Portugal, where it begins its journey as a new brand in the technology ecosystem in this territory, counting on the figure of Pedro Matos, Principal Business Development, as the main responsible in this region.

“We are a new brand in Portugal, so we have to establish relationships that allow us to gain the trust of our customers. Currently, there is a lot of competition and we need to differentiate ourselves, based on our vision of making it easier for companies to explore and build data products in the public cloud,” says Pedro Matos. “Our big challenge, in the first six months, is to communicate clearly and transparently our vision and the added value that from Keepler we can provide to companies ” he concludes.

The company’s initial objective in Portugal is focused on offering clients its technological and consulting capabilities and providing them with autonomy in the management and exploitation of their data, thus reinforcing their digitization and data-driven approach. Keepler expects to end the year in Portugal  with a portfolio of 10 clients and to consolidate its local team and, by 2023, double its results in terms of revenue.


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