These days we are facing an exceptional situation that, just a few weeks ago, we could not even imagine. The COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic is testing us as a society, and has ushered in a level of uncertainty that we have not experienced before and for which companies are hardly prepared.

Beyond taking this as a great global challenge that we must overcome together, at Keepler we work hand in hand to ensure the lowest impact on our company and our customers. We are 100% sure that we will continue to maintain the highest levels of excellence and efficiency in our services.

Keepler’s current state

Keepler remains fully operational. All our professionals are working remotely on their projects, safely at home, in continuous coordination and communication with the rest of the company, using the regular tools, as a usual remote work day.

Keepler was born with it in its DNA, betting on this model right from the beginning, by doing several days of telework a week. All our employees know how to work remotely, between people in different locations and, at the same time, as a team. The need to implement remote work overnight imposed by this pandemic, has not been an extraordinary situation for us, and as days pass by, all our clients are totally aligned in this respect.

Our company is able, even today and despite the circumstances, to respond to our current clients needs, those with whom we are in the initial stages of projects and new clients who want to keep advancing in its digital transformation process. Our Business Development team is fully available and focused on continuing the service for current or potential clients.

How we have managed the situation

In a proactive manner. On March 2 we started working on a scenario that would occur only a few days later. We established an internal protocol, and shared it with our clients, to prioritize the health of our employees along with maintaining the service.

The following days, positive cases of the virus began to surface in our environment, when we already had the capacity to base our actions on a protocol and not to improvise. Led by the People team and coordinated with Business Development, in a matter of minutes we communicated to the affected employee to change his/her location or, according to the case, we recommended teleworking and following the protocol established by health institutions.

With the publication of the regulations for the closure of schools on March 10, we could see the problem began to take on a certain magnitude that we couldn’t ignore. In order that all our employees could rest assured to deal with the disconcerting situation, we immediately made the decision to offer full remote work to those employees who, for their safety and that of their family, preferred to stay home. People and Business Development managed each case with our clients and thus, on March 11, 75% of the workforce was already working from home and on March 13, the 100%.

Beyond COVID-19: Looking to the future

The prospects are not the most optimistic today. Complicated weeks are coming, and each passing day is a hurdle in the way for companies, that have to think about their survival after this unexpected crisis.

This pandemic is going to change us on a personal level, and it will be difficult to forget these days in which we have to comply with guidelines that clash with our own culture and way of life. It will also change us at the business level, because remote work has suddenly made its way into mainstream, and companies, as ours, that are committed to this model have to demonstrate what we are talking about: that distances no longer exist and that digital companies can operate under any circumstance, something that will make us stronger, more competitive and more reliable.

Like many other companies in the country and around the world, at Keepler we are fortunate to be a digital company that can maintain its services. And for that same reason we have the duty to continue moving forward and keep pushing, to ensure the impact is as little as possible when everything goes back to normal. Not only we need to stay home, but we also have the responsibility to continue operating to mitigate the downturn in our economy.

Until it’s over, take care of yourself, your people and continue betting on your business. At Keepler we will be glad to continue working with you side by side, today and when all this is over.

Imagen: unsplash | @markusspiske